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Published April 1, 2012

Now that there are multiple browsers to choose from, one of the biggest obstacles in web development is making sure that your website displays and functions properly all across the board.  Whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, each browser will act differently and will require tweaks to get them to function properly.  As a QA tester, this task can be quite time consuming and requires multiple environments in order to run different versions of each browser.  That was until Adobe updated their Browser Lab Services.

BrowserLab allows the user to select from a variety of web browsers on multiple operating systems to ensure that their website is compatible on all popular browsers.  It renders a screen shot and displays the website as it would appear on the specific browser the user has selected.  A nice feature that is built in to browserlab is the “2-up-View” which splits the screen in two and allows the user to compare the site in two different web browsers side by side.  This makes it easier to focus on a specific area that might require some modifications rather than switching from browser to browser.  Another useful feature that Adobe Browserlab provides is the “Onion-Skin” view.  This view layers two copies of the webpage on top of each other so that the user can see how well the website lines up on different browsers.  My favorite feature about Adobe Browserlab is that it is an online service and there are no applications to download.  Try it for yourself at browserlab.adobe.com

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Sebastian joined the RustyBrick team as a QA Analyst early in 2011. He graduated from William Paterson University with a BS in Computer Science and is looking to sharpen his skills in PHP and MySQL. He is now the head of client support for ShulCloud customers.

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