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Published June 6, 2010

Evernote IconThe Internet and the world it connects you to can sometimes give you a bit of information overload. When it comes to managing and recalling that information, it can be a real pain. You can bookmark websites, save text and email in files, and put pdfs in folders, but everything is still in its own place. Evernote is a tool that can keep all this information in one single serchable repository. Just copy and paste whatever content you wish to save, be it part of a web page (evernote converts it so it doesnt come out as gibberish code), some text, a picture, part of an excel spreadsheet, whatver you can think of. Evernote will store it, on their servers for free (with a certain amount of space, if you want more you can pay) and let you access it online, or on their wonderful iPhone app.

The iPhone app lets you use the iPhone's keyboard to input text notes, the camera to take pictures, and the microphone to take voice notes. These notes are pushed to the Evernote servers when you hit the 'sync' button, which are then available on your computer. Or, send data in the opposite direction: Decide on a recipe while at work, copy and sync to Evernote, and then access the ingredient list while shopping on the way home. The company behind Evernote bills the service + apps as 'your own personal assistant', and it truly feels that way. With Evernote, it's suddenly easy to create your own ecosystem of information, available anywhere.



  • Free service!! (with generous but limited storage, more data requires a monthly plan)
  • Free applications!! (the iphone app is free. You can also download the desktop client for Windows or Mac OSX)
  • Free!!! Did I mention this entire setup is free?


  • No sharing between accounts or shared 'notebooks'.

Download the  iPhone client here. The Mac OSX and Windows desktop clients are available here.

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Wesley joined RB after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Information Technology. In addition to building web solutions, he also assists in iPhone development.

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