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Published July 16, 2010

I absolutely love food and have a pretty healthy body image. Left to my own devices I'd pick and snack during the day, put heavy cream in my coffee and eat fast food breakfast sandwiches. A few years ago I found myself roughly forty pounds overweight and in Florence, Italy where everyone was sleek and beautiful. When I returned from my trip and started going through the pictures I was appalled. How had I reached a whopping 180lbs? I had to face it, at 5'4", I was fat!!!

For the first time in my life I was very angry with myself but I'm not one to feel sorry or sulk. Instead I hunkered down, joined an online diet community and started logging and counting calories, working out and changing my habits. I dropped 45lbs in roughly seven months and it was difficult. The process taught me how to eat; about portion sizes and nutrition. When I had to actually jot down something horrible into my food diary I wouldn't eat it.

The food diary brought with it a sense of sober consciousness. Until I started looking up calories for most of the foods I was eating I simply was NOT aware of the many extra calories in common snacks and foods that made up my daily dietary routine. It would shock some to know that a fortune cookie packs 35 calories, after all it's so small and harmless! Thirty five calories is a good 4-5 minutes on a bike. When I began to realize the "math" of weight loss I became very successful.

Recently, in lieu of my upcoming wedding I have wanted to get in shape, step it up and drop some pounds. Now a days I rely on a very useful app called Lose It! It is one of the most remarkable FREE apps out there for anyone serious about weight loss, calorie counting, fitness and nutrition.

The app contains nutrition information for hundreds of supermarket brands and restaurants, lets you add exercise, water intake and tracks things like sodium, fat, carbs and other nutrition data across the week. I use this app every day to stay on track with my fitness goals–certainly beats the calorie paperback book and a notebook! I would highly recommend this to anyone; in fact, I would challenge them to track their food honestly for a day and see what they find.

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