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Trapster Blackberry: App Week

Published June 21, 2010

trapsterAs one of the only Blackberry users here at RustyBrick I am proud to say my phone is superior when it comes to making and receiving phone calls. It also handles emails very well. But I see everyone else here playing all sorts of games with their iPhones and have always envied the apps that are available on the iPhone. So one day I decided to break out of the Blackberry user mold and actually download and try some of the apps.

Step 1:
I started by spending about 25 minutes downloading and installing "App World" for my Blackberry.

I Searched for usefull apps. After my device crashed twice I finally was able to surf the App World. Most of the apps there seemed usefull but nothing seemed worthy to be my first App downloaded until I came a cross Trapster. Trapster is an application that is supposed to help you identify those police officers that are hiding behind trees and around curves in the road looking for someone (a law abiding citizen who does not pay enough in taxes) who is driving 35MPH on an empty road when the speed limit is 25MPH, so that the local government can close the budget gap.

Step 3:
Download and install it. Seemed to go without a hitch.

Step 4:
Running the app. (Here is one reason why I hate BlackBerry/Verizon)

I started the app I saw a picture of a map and text at the top about searching for my location or clicking to add it manually. I clikced after waiting for five minutes with nothing happening. I clicked and entered my location and guess what got a message "can't find your location".

I had enough for one day. I hit the back button until I got back to the home screen and forgot about the app.
For the next three days by 3:00PM my battery was dead. Apparently I didn't close a useless app properly and it drained my battery. I then realized that the GPS on the device was off. So I figured out how to turn it on gave the app permission to access it and the app finally found my location.
I tried using the app a few times and it really does not work well. Not enough real time data for local cops. I couldnt figure out how to get the alarms working when driving on highways. Granted that I did not spend to much time trying to get it to work but it just seems like everything (except for email management) is so clunky on the Blackberry.

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