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Apple's 2009 iPhone Tech Talk

Published December 1, 2009

The bus dropped me right outside the Marriot Marquis, the home of the 2009 iPhone Tech Talk.  Today should be interesting.  For me, these tech talks tend to be 20% learning new stuff, 40% working during listening, 10% getting answers for pressing questions and 30% meeting new people.

I plan to go to sessions on audio, optimizations, core data, gamekit and more.  They also have a "lab" room that some geeks hang out in.  I plan to go there and get some questions answered.  Mostly questions relating to hebrew language and the launch of the Israel iPhone store.

Some other things I hope to accomplish today is to show off the apps I've written to the staff here.  The more people at Apple that see my apps, the better visibility and feedback I get.  Last year, one of the "enthusiasts" asked me to write a hebrew translator app.  I did and it's doing really well.  I was saddened to see my Menorah app not on the "Holiday" section of the App Store.  I'll see if I can get someone to squeeze it in.

Of note, the attendance is double that of last year.  Suppose to be like 400 people here.  Lots of geeks.  The well majority have apps in the app store.  Will follow up later this week with the outcome of this conference.

If you want me to ask anything, please comment here and I'll relay the message.

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