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Backup Config for Netopia 2622 Router

Published July 20, 2005
We got a new t1 in the office from speakeasy. The router they use is the 2622. I got it unlocked so I can test thing here and prep the office for voip without having to put a 2nd Ethernet port in every office. This 2622 is an amazing piece of work. The technology it uses is so ancient. Two ways to get into it: 1) Telnet (not ssh) 2) Console via Serial Port I started with telnet and wanted to backup the configuration before I mess up anything. Unfortunately, the only mechanism to transfer the config files to a TFTP server! I tried, but my firewalls were too configured. Path #2. Try to get the serial port thing working. This technology is really old. Amazing they still have serial ports. I guess it's good as a backup if TCP is down. To make this thing remotely configurable and securely so, I hooked up the router to my freebsd server via a serial connection. The freebsd server is only accessible through my vpn (or when I am in the office). So it is really secure. I installed minicom and fixed an exploit with it. Minicom allows me to conduct xmodem transfers (needed to get the firmware). So after a long journey, I successfully backed up the configuration. Now all I need to do is set up the VPN so it works with OS X, setup packet filtering for certain bad domains, configure a backup option using the cable connection, setup ip-based routing, and make a NAT subnet. :)
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posted by Fanos on: May 24, 2007 12:19am

Your site was so interesting and informative I had to call a friend to tell her about it. Great work


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