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Published March 1, 2006
My wife and I are addicted to Sudoku. It's the latest game that everyone is playing nowadays. We've played on numerous sudoku programs, paper, palm and have found the features we like the most. There was one thing missing with all of them... you play by yourself. Why not make it more challenging by competing against an opponent. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to program my own version. I thought Java and then felt that it would take too long to program and would be a hassle with all the networking and firewalls. AJAX popped in my mind as the perfect implementation for this game. Well, it really only took a day worth of programming to get the core functionality in there. Without further ado, I would like to announce AJAX Sudoku or as I call it "Sudoku Challenge". To Play, please visit: http://www.rustybrick.com/sudoku.php
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Ronnie Schwartz is the CTO and founder of RustyBrick, an agile web & mobile development firm that creates effective applications and focuses on finding the right balance between time to production and software quality to get clients in front of their customers quickly and effectively. Ronnie brings over twenty years of innovative design, programming and management expertise to the table.

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