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Facebook Launches Mobile Messenger App

Published August 9, 2011

In the wake of Google+, first Facebook partners with Skype to offer video chat to its 750 million+ users. Today, they have an answer to both Huddle and Google Latitude: Messenger. 

The normal Facebook app for iPhone and Android does have chat, but it looks like they wanted to optimize the mobile chatting experience and add additional features. And to be able to push it out faster to compete in time with Google+, I bet they created a separate development team so as not to affect the regular Facebook experience. What does Messenger do? 

Group Chat

Similar to Huddle on the Google+ mobile app, you can now send messages to multiple friends, and it appears just like a chatroom. However, it doesn't seem like you are able to participate in group-based chats, meaning chats for a specific Facebook group (i.e. "New York City Biking"). Of course, this works with friends that are both using the app or the web browser.


Cross platform facebook chatting app works on iPhone and Android. Can also communicate with web users.


In a 1-on-1 chat or a group chat, you can choose to share your location with members of the chat (and no one else). Everyone who shares their location can be seen on the Map tab of the chat, which looks a lot like Google Latitude but with chat overlays. This will be pretty cool if you are trying to meet up with a group of friends from miles away.

See where everyone is in the chat (if you decide to share your location)


Instant Photo Share

Chatting with friends need not be only text, you can also instantly take a photo and put it right within the chat. This will no doubt assist loved ones while traveling.

In my opinion the map location feature puts Facebook one step ahead of Huddle/Latitude essentially by combining chat with location in the social space.  Because Google+ only recently started they still have yet to integrate many of their services with Plus (Latitude, Calendar, Documents, Gmail). The social network battle is really heating up and no doubt Google will be close at Facebook's tail. 

Get Facebook Messenger for iPhone

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