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iPhone's Little Black Book


I am very excited to announce that today, we posted the first release of the iPhone Little Black Book. The name says it all. It basically is an application to securely keep track of your dates. It is a database application that hooks up the contacts to the places you took them and also to gives you details about each date. So if you went out with Jill 3 times, you can add where you took Jill and write about each of those three dates. As you build up your database, you can rate the contacts, the venues and the dates themselves. The beauty is that you can search this for later and quickly find a hot date or great place to take a date, at any time.

Let me take you through some of the screens of the iPhone Little Black Book:

Cover screen, pretty no?:

iPhone Little Black Book

Individual contact screen has the ability to take a new picture or use a picture from your photos. You can copy a contact from your contacts or add a new one. You can rate the person, tag the person and add notes, plus more. As you can see, the contact has a link the "dates" you went on with this person and "places" you took this person. Clicking on those buttons will filter the results by this contact for the places or dates.

iPhone Little Black Book Screens

Venue detail screen: As you can see, this is a record for a venue. You can enter in the venue's location, pictures, web site, rate it, tag it, and so on. Here is a screen shot:

iPhone Little Black Book Screens

Dates in List View: Here is a screen capture showing the dates you went on in chronological order and by favorites order:

iPhone Little Black Book Screens

iPhone Little Black Book Screens

Customized Skins: Right now we offer three different "skins" to choose from:

iPhone Little Black Book Screens

Secure & Lock Down: You can lock down the app to a secure it with a password:

iPhone Little Black Book Screens

As you can imagine, there are tons of way to expand this application. This is just the beginning and I am excited for Apple to approve it.

To be notified for when this 99 cent app goes live (introductory price only), sign up at the iPhone Little Black Book page.

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