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FEBRUARY 25 2009

Fluke Music & Apple iTunesSome of you know about our pretty popular iPhone app named Fluke. It basically find random apps and let's you explore them. It is a fun and useful app to discover new apps, when you have the time.

So we decided to release a new app, just like it, but for music. We named it Fluke Music and it randomly finds music, and allows you to filter by category of music (i.e. Jazz, country, rock, etc.) The cool part of the app is that it streams 20 second samples of the tracks over the Internet. So you open the app and it just plays music and random, which is very fun, imo. The purpose is to help music lovers discover new songs, that they may have not discovered otherwise.

Great concept, right? Well, it seems to me that Apple doesn't think so. It seems to me that Apple might forever keep this app in the "In Review" status. Why do I think that? Well, we released a couple apps after submitting this app and those were either approved or rejected already and this one just remains stuck in this status. No response from Apple. We had a similar issue with a client app and it is still not resolved. Do you think Apple doesn't like this app because it plays music samples?

Here is a video that demonstrates the app in action:

Do you think they don't like it because it links both to iTunes and Amazon (a competitor) to buy the song? I am not sure. Maybe I am thinking up conspiracy theories?

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