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iPhone Morse Code App : SOS

JULY 9 2010

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LED Morse Code Transmitter iPhone AppI wanted to introduce the most important iPhone App in the world. Are you ready? It is the Morse Code LED iPhone App. Yes, you have to download it for free now!

What happens if you are lost on a dark island and you don't have this app? What will you do then? Trust me, download the app today and when you find yourself all by yourself and need to send out an SOS, you will be happy you downloaded this app.

In all seriousness, we thought it would be fun to release an iPhone App that sends out morse code signals through the iPhone 4's LED flash. Just type in your own message or select from a quick list of pre-defined shorthand messages and the app will automatically transmit LED flash pulses in morse code format to your friend. There is even a settings for speed of the flash.

As Wikipedia says, morse code is "one of the simplest and most versatile methods of telecommunication in existence." So make sure to download it for free now!

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