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No Chametz App For iOS & Android

No Chametz App For iOS & Android
No Chametz App For iOS & Android

The No Chametz app helps Jews go through the process of searching, cleaning, destroying and selling their chametz prior to the Passover holiday.

Having Chametz in your possession can be a serious halachic issue. This app will help you make sure you properly remove any chametz under your ownership

The app helps you search for Chametz, the bedikat chametz, by giving you the halakhah, brachas zmanim, a checklist builder and a flash light. It also helps you destroy the chametz with the Bittul and Bi'ur with halakhah, brachas and zmanim for that process. Finally, it helps you sell, Mechirah, the chametz with zmnaim, halacha and a link to sell it to an organization.


  • Sell Your Chametz: Selling Halachos, Zmanim, & Transaction
  • Search For Chametz: Searching Halachos, Zmanim, Checklist, Bracha, & Light
  • Destroy Your Chametz: Destroying Halachos, Zmanim, Bracha & Transaction
  • Flash Light for iPhone 4
  • English Translations for Brachas
  • Zmanim Based on GPS
  • Halachot from Rabbi Elozor Barclay & Rabbi Yirzchok Jaeger

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