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Blow It Up : EPS iPhone 4 Template

Published August 5, 2010

iPhoneVectorSurely I don't really mean "BLOW IT UP!" but yes I really do urge you to do so!

One of our clients came to us yesterday with an urgent project. They wanted their iPhone app screens recreated in high resolution EPS format for 2' x 3' display posters they needed printed for a convention.

The inside screens were simple enough but when I went to look for an Illustrator file or EPS file of the new iPhone 4 I came up short. 

We found one file of the iPhone that was done at an angle but there didn't seem to be any readily available EPS's of the iPhone shell straight on. Apple provides photoshop templates but nothing for Adobe Illustrator. 

I did manage to find the internal UI elements vectorized but after about an hour of searching it became clear that what I needed wasn't readily available as a graphic file. I attempted to live trace the high res PSD's that Apple provides but it just didn't look right. I became a little frustrated so I decided to made my own iPhone 4 EPS Vector file.

Hopefully this file can benefit others as well so we've put it here for your convenience and download.

It's resolution independent so feel free to make it any size you want! Cheers!

You can download it by clicking here or on the image on the right. The .zip file contains the EPS and the AI file.

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