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Nuclear Power Plants: Radioactive Zones App

Nuclear Power Plants: Radioactive Zones App
Nuclear Power Plants: Radioactive Zones App

The Nuclear Power Plant Proximity detector is an app that helps you determine the Nuclear Power Plants that are in your area.  

The app will plot the Power Plants on a map and let you find out if you are in the plant's "hot zone."  It will also overlay earthquake historical data to show you if those plants have ever been through an earthquake.  The earthquake data is aged over time and has various degrees of color depending on how recent, severe and devastating the earthquake was.    If your Power Plant is near locations that have historically had earthquakes, you may be concerned.

Additionally, we have an overlay for fault lines within the United States. Fault lines under Power Plants can be an extra level of concern for those near these plants. The chances of an earthquake on a fault line is higher than in places where there are no fault lines.

The app also shared the latest news via International Atomic Energy Agency and contains helpful information on what to do in case of a Nuclear Power Plant emergency.

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This app was designed and developed by RustyBrick. The data is complied through sources on Wikipedia.

For more of our apps, see http://www.rustybrick.com/iphone/


  • Locates Nuclear Power Plants Near You
  • Plots Nuclear Power Plants Globally
  • Displays Historical Earthquake Data On Map
  • Displays Fault Lines within The United States
  • Contains Wikipedia Data on Each Nuclear Power Plant
  • Alerts from the International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Information and shopping information in case of emergencies

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