RustyBrick Jenga

Jenga is a game about moving pieces of wooden blocks from one part of the tower to the other, in order to build something more creative and useful out of the out of the box design.  The RustyBrick philosophy is about thinking outside of the box to build you a creative and more efficient set of tools for your organization.  

The new RustyBrick logo symbolizes how we succeed at putting all the pieces together in an innovative and productive manner. Those pieces lay on a solid and well-thought out foundation, which is built to scale and last for years to come.  From identity and branding, to web site development and custom web software, to mobile development and marketing technology - our agency has the experience and knowledge to take your idea and make it a reality.

Complete the form below, mention 'Jenga' and you can win a free Wooden Tower Puzzle from our company to you.  While you are at it, check out our service offerings today. The contest is now complete, we will no longer accept entries here.


Game Instructions

Once the tower is built, the person who stacked the tower plays first. Moving in the game consists of:

1) Taking one block on a turn from any level of the tower (except the one below an incomplete top level), and

2) placing it on the topmost level in order to complete it.

Players may use only one hand at a time; either hand may be used, but only one hand may touch the tower at any time.

Players may tap a block to find a loose one. Any blocks moved but not played should be replaced, unless doing so would make the tower fall. The turn ends when the next player touches the tower, or after ten seconds, whichever occurs first.

The game ends when the tower falls -- completely or if any block falls from the tower (other than the block a player moves on a turn).

The loser is the person who made the tower fall (i.e., whose turn it was when the tower fell).

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