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Apple Watch Logo - JewToday everyone is expecting Apple to officially release the details around consumers purchasing the Apple Watch. We at RustyBrick have already begun designing solutions around the Apple Watch for the Jewish community. We have yet to release it because we need the actual hardware to test it, but we wanted to share some of the user interfaces and designs we have put together around a smart watch designed for observant Jews.

The Apple Watch Jewish app consists of three main components right now (a) Zmanim (Jewish times), (b) Brachot (Jewish blessings) (c) Kosher (finding a kosher place to eat). Below are animated GIFs that communicate the difference screens of the apps we are designing for Apple Watch. We feel this has a lot of potential to help improve the quality of life, living as an observant Jew.

Zmanim: When can I pray afternoon services until? Alert me two hours before Shabbat starts. Let me know when I should wake up in order to make the time to pray Krias Shema.

Apple Watch -  Jew Zmanim

Brachos: Get quick and fast brochot (blessings) on your Apple Watch so you can make a quick blessing before or after you eat a snack or a meal. After you use the bathroom, say the blessing for that. See a rainbow, make a blessing on that. And yes, it is smart enabled, just like our Siddur App, showing you the portions you need to say that day.

Apple Watch -  Jew Brachot

Kosher: Need a quick bite to eat, check your Apple Watch and either search by closest kosher restaurant to you or dictate a name and the Apple Watch will find it for you. You can initiate walking or driving directions to the restaurant or call and place your order over the phone. Who knows, maybe in the future you can do online ordering via your watch.

Apple Watch -  Jew Brachot

If you have a good idea or want to hire us to design software for your company, get in touch.

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