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Why I Switched BACK from Gmail Push on my iPhone

Published September 24, 2009

Google made the official announcement that I can now use iPhone’s push technology to get notified when I get a new message. I jumped on board and quickly retreated. Here is what I experienced:

  1. The directions were extremely clear and they worked just fine.
  2. My iPhone 3Gs began beeping and vibrating probably every minute.
    First problem: I receive too much email to be notified as soon as I get it.
  3. I shut off push while I was in the office to stop getting the annoying beeps. When I got home, I turned it on and the beeps came back. I expected them, but I didn’t expect to see every message I received today to show up in my inbox.
    Second Problem: You probably need to switch all desktop accounts to use Exchange* too.
  4. I gave Gmail Push one more chance. I left those messages and decided to play around with email but the server sync seems to be much slower then IMAP.
    Final problem: Speed. IMAP ain’t no prize winner, but in this case it was.
  5. After less then 12 hours, I was back on IMAP and happy as I was beforehand.

* Google uses the Exchange ActiveSync protocol to get push working.

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