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Vote For Our Gap iPhone App

Published October 2, 2009

Vote IntuApps at Mobclix

You know that feeling you get when you go to a Gap store? The music, the ease of finding cool clothes, and the wonder of whether it’s within your price range? These are all incorporated into our contest entry for the best Gap iPhone App run by the Mobclix people.

We found out about the contest a couple of weeks before the deadline. Of course we were fully booked to the max with both Web & iPhone projects. We really knew the iPhone could use a really good retail store app and who better then the Gap? The real reason I decided to do the app was that two women were saying I have to. I had Lilly, a business partner, on one side and my Wife on the other side.

I sat back on my couch at home and hashed out the rough design with my wife (a Gap enthusiast). The focus was a well-rounded Gap shopping experience from the palm of your hand. I broke down this experience into 5 verbs (tabs): Visit, Shop, Bag, Play, and Sing.

When the app is launched, instantly, the user is greeted by the hottest music out there. We show the album art on the “Sing” tab and allow you to buy it through iTunes or send it to a friend. Eventually, this could be smart enough to show you music playing in your Gap store.

On the “Visit” tab, you are instantly presented with the closest locations to you. You can filter by flicking store type or enter a different location. It’s easy to get directions or call the store. From there too, there is an example of presenting an in-store coupon to the cashier.

The “Shop” tab brings the entire Gap catalog to your fingertip. Using one finger, you can easily flick to find items by gender, category and finally item. The entire experience is super visual and very intuitive. Tapping an item shows you details, a larger image and options to “Bag It,” “Send It,” or “View It [on Gaps site].” Bagging an item does a cool animation throwing it into the “Bag” tab. Then a badge counter appears on that tab to show you how many items were bagged. You can send an item via email to a friend for review.

If you are ready to checkout or just want to review your options, the “Bag” tab will help with this. You can reorder, delete, view, checkout directly on the Gap web site, or send the entire bag to a friend for review.

Not ready to leave the app? That is where the “Play” tab comes in. Modeled after our very popular fluke iPhone app, the “Play” tab brings that element of random exploration and “Price is Right” game play together. You are presented with one random product from the Gap catalog at a time. You need to guess which price is right. You have 3 options to choose from but only one is right. As with the other tabs, you can easily “Bag It,” “Send It,” or “View It” if you like the item. What a great way to find random products!

So, the vote is up on the Mobclix site. Please vote for the best app, my app, “Gap by IntuApps.” Thanks!

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Ronnie Schwartz is the CTO and founder of RustyBrick, an agile web & mobile development firm that creates effective applications and focuses on finding the right balance between time to production and software quality to get clients in front of their customers quickly and effectively. Ronnie brings over twenty years of innovative design, programming and management expertise to the table.

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