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Published January 19, 2010

Bag of CrapLet me begin by saying, if you don't know what Woot.com is... you're missing out! Woot.com is the website that started the "One Day, One Deal" phenomenon seen on many sites now. Basically, their gimmick is that Woot.com sells one item per day (usually an electronics item) at a great price. Then, at 12am midnight Central Time, the item for sale switches to a different sale priced item. You can buy up to 3 of any one item and no matter the quantity or size of the item, shipping is $5.00. You can't tell how many of an item they have in stock until it sells out. If the item sells out before midnight, then there's simply nothing for sale until the next day. You missed an item that you really wanted? Too bad, you can't get it anymore.

The way Woot operates is by buying HUGE lots of stuff for cheap and then selling them off. Because of their business model, Woot is generally left with a mishmosh of their cheaper items. These generally come as part of the giant lots they purchase or come in as samples. Either way, it's either non-profitable or non-feasable to dedicate an entire day to selling these individually. So, a few years ago Woot introduced the legendary 'Bag of Crap'.

The Bag of Crap is put up during a holiday or special occasion and consists of a random "crappy" item from around the warehouse for $1 each (up to their 3 max limit). Then, it's put in a random "crappy" bag and shipped to your house for the normal $5 shipping fee. When it was first introduced, people had no idea what to expect. However, the brave were rewarded with awesome weird trinkets... and a few lucky recipients earned really cool expensive stuff like Roomba vacuums and big screen TV's.

Now that Woot.com has grown in popularity, the ability to purchase these infamous "Bags of Crap" has become increasingly difficult. Woot.com generally lists several thousand BOC's when they are available and they sell out in just a few seconds. The trick to grabbing one is know which holiday's Woot.com generally offers the BOC and frantically refreshing your page at 1:00 AM Eastern time. On Christmas Day, Woot put up their BOC and it sold out in 0.002 seconds. Needless to say, I was disappointed! However, after checking the stats I saw that they only listed that they sold "1" BOC! Sure enough, a second glance at the page showed a secret link on the page revealed the location of the REAL Bag of Crap! I ordered my bag and received it yesterday. Here's the loot I received. (click on images to view Flickr page and "All Sizes" button)


Here's a picture of the box with my RB bag on the outside to show the size. Pretty light, small box... meaning it's probably got nothing giant inside [no big screen TV's :-( ]



Opened up, I see a bunch of stuff and what looks like a Spock.



It is Spock! My generous gift for Mabe. Live long and prosper, Mabelyn!

Spock Bobblehead from Woot BOC



Uhh, this looks like a handwarmer straight off the China Junk Boat.

Chinese Heating Element



Be sure to click on this one and go to View Large Size. There's some hysterically bad english translation going on.

Engrish Example From Woot



This is the actual "bag" for the bag of crap. Doesn't quite hold any of the crap, but it is a container of some kind so I guess it still counts. This XM Radio case also fits the ihpone LIKE A GLOVE. I'll actually use this for travelling.

XM Radio Case



Two large stress reliver squishy things shaped like giant pills.

Man Flu Stress Relivers



A really nice mechanical pencil for some reason... where did they get this in the first place?

Mechanical Pencil



A box inside the box! I wonder what crap lies within!!!

Hidden Box of Crap



Six farting pens. That's right... when you push the button they make one of several farting noises. Why pay $0.99 for the iFart app when I now have a plethora of farting pens.

Six Farting Pens



...and that's it! Here is all the crap received!

The Crap out on display!



All in all, worth the $8.00 investment and would definitely try and buy one whenever I can. it's particularly crappy this time around though... I've been able to get one in the past on a few occasions and I generally get better crap. But, as Woot.com says on their BOC page "if you don't get the crap you want, want the crap you get"!!!

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Alex worked on several successful e-commerce websites before joining the RB team. He graduated from SUNY Purchase with a Bachelor's in Math & Computer Science.

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