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2.0 Release for iPhone Kosher App

NOVEMBER 21 2008

We just pushed version 2.0 of iPhone Kosher app to Apple. Hopefully it will be published soon. The update is pretty significant. Here are the details:

(1) Added hundreds of restaurants from Israel, England and France.
(2) Added a start screen signup/settings
(3) Users can now add reviews
(4) Users can now add/edit/delete restaurants
(5) Users can now read detailed reviews

Now for the screen captures:

(1) Things we ask as start up:
Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(2) Notice the update button on the top left (it can also run automatically on start up), notice the plus button on the top right. This is what it looks like when it is updating:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(3) Confirmation it has been updated:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(4) Action buttons to add/read review, change data, add/remove from favorites:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(5) Adding a review slides up this first page:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

Clicking next slides up the next page:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

This is the third and last review page, at top right, you can post the review or hit the back button to cancel that:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(6) Reading Reviews:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(7) Modifying Restaurant details gives you the details in edit mode. There are three or so pages of details that can be modified. All modifications go through our approval. Yes, you can also try to delete on place.

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

(8) Adding a new place gives you a blank form to work with. Again, we approve them all manually:

Kosher 2.0 iPhone Update

Those are some of the new features that should take this app to the next level. I am very excited to enable the iPhone users to contribute to this app and database.

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