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Kosher Restaurants iPhone App Gains Maps & Augmented Reality View

NOVEMBER 29 2010

It has been almost about two years since we released a major update for our iPhone Kosher App. Yes, we have released small updates recently, but this update is major.

We have added two main features and improved many of the already great existing features. The two new features include:

(1) Map View: You can now see on a map how close or far the various kosher restaurants are based on your currently location.

(2) Scope View (Augmented Reality): Pretend you are walking down the street and you want to know if a specific restaurant is before or after the tree in front of you. Well, with this augmented reality scope view, you can look through the lens of the iPhone and it will automatically plot the restaurants in front of you and around you.

I'll show screen shots of each of these features below. But let me explain some of the minor updates to this app. We improved the search feature to enable you to find restaurants in an expanded area around your search. You might not notice any change with that, but trust me, it comes in handy. We pre-loaded fresher database and made the data loading feature more stable.

Screen Shots:

Map View: Now plots dairy restaurants with blue pins and meat restaurants with red pins around your current location.

Kosher iPhone App 3.1 Update - Map Views

Scope View: Shows you restaurant data overlaid on top of what you see via the iPhone camera. This picture will explain it:

Kosher Augmented Reality

For more information and to download this app, please the Kosher iPhone App produced by RustyBrick and data provided and updated by Shamash.org

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