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Published March 9, 2004
Believe it or not, my office which has receives mail every day for the past year in this office has not received mail for the past week. To be specific, we have not received mail on March 2nd through March 7 and then again on March 9th. On Monday's we have a different mail man, so that is why we received mail on the 8th and 1st of March. But I am told our normal mail man is injured and there is a temp working. I called the post office three times and no answer yet. This is really really bad. I don't what to do from this point on. We depend on the USPS too much. I do not know what bills to pay nor do I have checks to deposit.
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posted by USPS sux donkeydong on: Jan 8, 2008 02:08pm

Anyone familiar with the postal service soon realizes it is an organization which obviously considers incompetence a virtue. 1) A few years ago there were postage stamps issued for various public-good causes, such as the breast cancer stamp. They sold for 45 cents each although postage was 37 at the time. The difference in the cost of the stamp and postage value was presumable allocated to the cause. I had a VETERAN clerk, on the verge of retirement, assign a postage value of 45 cents for these stamps on a package I was shipping. This moron did not realize although the cost of the stamp was 45 cents it retained 37 cent postage value. Duhhhhhh. 2) USPS is obligated to refund money for any delivery service which they fail to complete. However, when I proved they failed to do a delivery confirmation tag scan when the package was delivered none of the clerks had a clue about the process to issue me a refund, despite the fact the form for this purpose is on the www. One of stooges took my name and phone number and promised to have someone call me. Guess what......that call never came. 3) Most recently I have noticed the Automated Aggravation Postage Center at one of the local branches is out of service over 50 percent of the time. Upon contact one of the stooges I was told, "we have to fix the machine 4 or 5 times per day". Huhh? I don't give a krap about THEIR problems, and expect THEM to resolve the problem rather than attempt to elicit my sympathy. Upon speaking with a supervisor and asking for district office number, I was told "it would be great if you could get us a new machine". Huhhh? Was he suggesting i should take a sledgehammer to that piece of garbage in their lobby?


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