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Sunbeam to Refund Money

Published March 31, 2004

A while back, I posted a topic on Sunbeam Water Cooler Sprung a Leak, well I finally have an update.

Sunbeam asked me to send them the three knobs on the cooler, the drain plug, the UL sticker, a letter and the original receipt. When they receive it they will send me a check, a full refund.

I already purchased the new cooler from Deer Park. I probably should have rented but this one has a 2 year warranty too.

I purchased the Contemporary Black Dispenser for $159.

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posted by roger on: Jan 9, 2005 12:30pm

Hey, I sprung a leak too. How did you finally get in touch with Sunbeam? Right now I am searching for the origin of the the leak, seems to have something to do with the hot water feed. Just curious as to where your leak was, maybe some kind of recall is in order. Thanks

posted by Janelle Kessler on: Mar 8, 2005 11:41am

I have a personal one for the house. First time used and all the water came out all over the place. Now that I see your posts, I am seriously unhappy about this. Any contact info is much appreciated.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Mar 8, 2005 11:51am

Just call the number on the cooler, they will replace it. I am sorry but all the old comments left here (about 100+) were lost in a server crash.

posted by Cooley on: Apr 25, 2005 10:31am

The cold water dispenser handle broke. How can I get a replacement. Hot and warm water works good, but I can't get the cold water to dispense.

posted by Kimberly on: Apr 29, 2005 05:56pm

My cooler leaks too - prev comments mention sending back parts for a refund - i dont have the original reciept - will they help me?

posted by don Willingham on: May 12, 2005 08:18pm

I too had a leak in my sunbeam water cooler, and I have been trying since Jan. to get the part I need. I think Sunbeam sux. Guess I'll take it back to Home Depot and raise hell.

posted by DAVID HUNTER on: Jun 7, 2005 10:47am

I purchased a Sunbeam Water cooler at Fred Meyer August 2004. The model is 0200 as list on box or KR2-5-26CH3. After 8 months the inner receptical warped and when I came into work water was all over the place. I contacted Sunbeam about a replace part and I was told it was on back order and I would receive it in four weeks. After four weeks I still had not recieved the part so I called them again and they told me the last person I talked to was mistaken and it would be another 4 weeks. After 9 weeks I called them again and they still say the part is on back order and it would be until October. I talk to the rep's supervisor and she said the rep. was mistaken it would only be until the end of June. I talked to her supervisor and she said I could get a refunded with depreciate. I asked what she meant and she said that it meant they would only give me a refund for the portion of my two year warrant that I had not used, but not a full refund. I tried to take it back to Fred Meyer in the original box, but they said it had been too long. Does anyone know where I can buy a Sunbeam part without dealing with Sunbeam. I will never buy another Sunbeam piece of junk #!#! again. Can you help?

posted by Mary on: Jun 7, 2005 11:43pm

I also has a Sunbeam cooler, after 6 months all of my 3 nozzels broke. Could not find a replacement yet. Any help will be much appreciated. For the solution, I just put the handle of a tea spoon (or something hard that fit into the hole) into the crack and pull it upward in order for the water to come out. So far, I still be able to get hot / cold water. But I just hated that all of the nozzels broke easily.

posted by Gord Anderson on: Jul 18, 2005 11:36am

Purchased a Sunbeam Water Coler from Home Hardware(canada) for was Wedding Gift for my daughter. It sprung a leaking and water all over the floor. Apparently this is a common problem. y daughter lives in USA. How do I apply fot Refund. Thank You

posted by Mark on: Jul 23, 2005 04:19pm

Hey I bought this dispenser to and the dam thing broke down on me to. Mine also leaked and the knobs would release water only when they felt like it. Eventually it just stopped working. There definitely should be a recall on this product. It also made weird cracking sounds on the back and who knows what they may do.

posted by Juan Morgan on: Jul 25, 2005 10:50pm

I purchased Sunbeam water dispenser at Home Depot in Miami Lakes, Florida. It has been leaking since January, 2005. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Sunbeam 800 number. It is always busy. I need a refund for this defective machine. I am constantly bying small bottles of water.

posted by jim davis on: Aug 27, 2005 01:12pm

I too am experiencing a huge leak. My cooler's handle broke. Can't find anyway to get in touch with anyone at Sunbeam - don't have the receipt anymore. I am stuck with the piece of crap. jdavis, l'ville ga

posted by susan on: Nov 3, 2005 11:39pm

My machine has been working okay but I ahve replaced the handles on several occasions. Maybe because the repair department is located in Canada is the reason it is so difficult to get parts. Any one with an old machine that would like to sell me their baffle let me know?!

posted by Joe on: Nov 9, 2005 10:42pm

Sunnbeam Water cooler leaked all over our floor appox. 3 1/2 gal. With 3 spigot unit and a fridge, Not sure how to get hold of Sunbeam to get it fixed.

posted by Julie Wang on: Nov 28, 2005 05:33pm

My Sunbeam water dispenser started to leak from the hot water tap month ago. It flooded my family room tiwce. How can I get it fixed? How can I contact the company ?

posted by Jennifer Steeves on: Feb 27, 2006 12:14pm

We are on our 3rd Sunbeam watercooler, you think I would have learned. After reading all of the posts I now see that they have a real problem and should recall this product. Our first unit was noisy and then the heater stopped working. Sunbeam refunded after supplying them with the original receipt and returned parts. The second got hot,overheated and leaked and flooded our kitchen. I have recently heard from friends they too have had similar problems with over heating and leaking. Thank God no one has been hurt. This product needs to be recalled.

posted by barbara on: Mar 13, 2006 11:28pm

I am also having trouble with my Sunbeam water cooler. It has a warped receptacle and let the water leak all over my kitchen.

posted by Roy Leskanic on: Mar 15, 2006 03:05pm

In November of 2005 I sent in all my paperwork for a full refund on my defective Sunbeam water cooler. It is now 3/15/06 and still no refund. I have spoken to them numerous times and always they have an excuse---the check is in accounting---the checks had to be reissued. It is now over 4 months. The best thing is to not deal with Sunbeam!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Tina on: Mar 20, 2006 11:26am

Well...I'm sitting here on hold with Sunbeam for a half hour now! I just need a replacement knob and from what I'm reading here -that may not happen. Did anyone ever find a way?

posted by Tina on: Mar 20, 2006 11:38am

Good news? Nicole finally took my call and claims I'll receive a replacement handle in 4-6 weeks. I've had my cooler almost a year so, it cost me around $10. Good Luck!

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Mar 20, 2006 11:46am

I am not sure how this got over here, it should be over here. There was a server crash that may I mixed up the two blogs. Oh well.

posted by Jamie on: Mar 27, 2006 02:32pm

How much is an original sunbeam water cooler? I got one from a friend but need to know the price of one to buy another one.

posted by Patricia on: Apr 9, 2006 08:03pm

My Sunbeam water cooler stopped heating the water so I called Sunbeam too. I had to send the 3 pieces they asked for too, this was in Dec.2005. It is now April,2006 and I have not received it yet. I called them twice and each time I got a different story, first she told me the machine for writing the checks was broke and I should have my check in two weeks, the second time I called was four later and I was told there was a mistake with the checks and they would have to be reissued and if I don't receive it by the end of April to call them back with a ref.# she gave me. Something just doesn't sound right.

posted by YVONNE FERGUSON on: Apr 17, 2006 10:39pm

I purchased a sunbeam watercooler from Zellers,Both the hot water tap and the room temperature tap broke off. The worst thing however was that the hot water somehow came out the cold water tap and burned my little grandson's mouth. I contacted Sunbeam and they wanted the receipts and the ul sticker and they would refund my money. That was six months ago and I haven't heard from them since. Has anyone ouy there ever received a refund from them. Needless to say ,it will be my last purchase from them.Can anyone suggest a good wateecooler.

posted by James Doucette on: Apr 18, 2006 02:47pm

I have a Sunbeam Model 0209 cooler I purchased April 09, 2006. After using it for two days, the water tasted very odd. It seemed to taste like "plastic". also, there was a distinct odor along with it. I put vinegar several times in the cooler, with no success. Please, if there is a solution, please inform me. Thank you. J.D.

posted by Bryan on: Apr 19, 2006 12:48pm

I purchased the YLR2 model last week and am already having problems with it. The compressor keeps shutting down and the water gets luke warm very fast and stays that way. After sitting on hold for 40 minutes, customer service told me that the thermostat isn't supposed to be turned up past the half way point. Huh?? So they put a dial on this thing that's not supposed to be turned up all the way or it breaks the machine? Whatever Sunbeam. This thing is going back to where I bought it. Hopefully before it starts leaking everywhere and the knobs fall off. Oh and the plastic flavored water might be coming from an old water bottle that's had water in it for too long. Switch brands of water. It should go away. I got the plastic flavor from Deer Park water. I switched to another brand and it went away.

posted by katy on: Apr 20, 2006 07:37pm

I just purchased a Sunbeam water cooler. After a few minutes of plugging it in, it caught on fire. I'm glad it happened when I was home. We returned it to the store and got a full refund.

posted by paul on: May 3, 2006 11:25am

subeam is a rip-off do not buy there products customer service is lacking to, paul

posted by aramo on: May 15, 2006 09:31pm

Hey I have not had any issues with my cooler except the hot water handle just broke, I found a replacement set made out of aluminum on E-bay for < $6 on ebay.

posted by Pat on: Aug 18, 2006 11:40am

I have had my Sunbeam hot and cold water dispenser for a couple of years and really use it everyday, and now the red and blue dispensers are broke off. HElP !!!!!

posted by somai sayavong on: Aug 30, 2006 06:34pm

I bought a sunbeam water dispenser and the cold stopped working after two months of use. I don't have the original reciept so I didn't know if I can take it back. Sounds like Sunbeam has a lot of difficulties.

posted by Babs on: Sep 3, 2006 01:16pm

My husband is an attorney in New Jersey who has had the same problem with our sunbeam. He mailed a check of $10.00 for the knobs 2 months ago. After reading these posts he is considering a class action suit against the manufacturer. Is anyone interested.

posted by traci on: Sep 7, 2006 09:24pm

I just brought my cooler home and after letting it sit for the reommended 10 hours, we plugged it in and the sound of the compressor could wake the dead. i will call there tomorrow, but after reading all of these posts, i want my money back. did someone say class action suit?

posted by camille on: Sep 12, 2006 01:31pm

I too am having difficulty with my sunbeam water cooler that I purchased about 3 years ago. All the dispensers broke and now there is water all over the floor. I called Sunbeam today and they said there is a part that cost $20. The part is under the water bottle, and the spouts are 2 for $10. I would have to call back in Oct. as there computer cannot accept charges now. Then I would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive the parts. What is going on with them. I just may buy another kind of cooler.

posted by Thomas on: Sep 12, 2006 09:05pm

I purchased a SUNBEAM 3 temp water cooler from Home Depot in Coral Springs FL. It seems it is no suprise that the hot and cold water handles have broke. I did see the alumium handles hand made by someone on ebay but the look cheap and his shipping is expensive. $3.95 each. I have searched everywhere for these handles. Anyone find a SUNBEAM product that works????

posted by William Meyer on: Sep 19, 2006 09:20am

I too purchased a Model YLR2-5-87H3, from K-Mart( what was I thinking)After two years the Red HOT water Dispensing spigot handle broke( Same time as the warranty ran out...Hummm!!) I too have spent HOURS!!! with Customer Service ( thats a joke) I was told that the spiogts are on backorder (no suprise, after reading all the other comments) I was told that I could place an order now(9/19/06) and after the first of October I could call back and pay for them with a credit card (WTF). The number to call is 1-800-890-4076- ELITE CLASSICS,(bring your lunch...expect to wait!!) . I too have had water leaks and I found that the center stem on my dispenser ( the post that the water jug fits onto) had loosened slightly, from rotating the water jug while on the dispenser. I Removed the water jug and hand tightened the stem and it cured the leaking problem. Also while wating for my replacement spigots to arrive. I swapped the white spigot core , by twisting off the valve core just under the broken handle ( not the whole spigot assy) for the broken red one. It works just fine.NOTE; THERE IS NO SAFEY CATCH TO PREVENT SMALL KIDS FROM DISPENSING HOT WATER...NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WITH SMALL KIDS.

posted by Bubalou on: Sep 19, 2006 02:33pm

I have been in touch with Sunbeam several times since July/06. My cold water lever broke off, and have been promised one to be shipped since August. Now they are telling me it will be the end of October. What a bunch of losers. When the guy told me they were so backed up with backorders for these levers, I told him that should tell them something about the crappy levers, and at the very least supply extra levers to the stores that sell the coolers, so we wouldn't be so inconvenienced for so long. I might just try Ebay and get some metal levers. It doesn't sound like I am going to get anywhere with Sunbeam.

posted by rob on: Oct 3, 2006 09:36am

I called today to get a replacement cold water leaver. I live in Toronto. Its a 4 hour drive. They said it will take 4- 6 weeks. I told the lady i could walk there in less time than that. It shouldnt take this long. SUNBEAM SUCKS!!! Im not one to complain but how long does it take to put a spigot in a box and slap a stamp on it?? SHEEEHS

posted by Scott on: Oct 8, 2006 02:32pm

Wow I thought parts would be easy to find, but I have found it easier to find people with problematic coolers.(crap.I know now never to give or receive these items as wedding gifts,lol. Recall the lot of them I say!

posted by Tom kiernan on: Oct 16, 2006 03:49pm

My company purchased Sunbeam water cooler without a hot water dispenser about 8 months ago. Model # YL2-27CH2. The water has been tasting funny for a while and now the cold water dispenser is not working properly, the water is coming out room temperature. I was on the phone with the 1-877 number and I have not been able to get in contact with anyone. I'm trying to locate the manual. Could anyone tell me what i could do in this case and if you have the manual could you please forward it to me at tkiernan@ficompanies.com. Thanks

posted by joey on: Oct 20, 2006 12:58pm

you're all just bunch of sissies...

posted by christina on: Nov 4, 2006 10:11pm

I have a ylr2 and the hot water handle broke also the compressor has always made an awful noise they said it was normal for this I am interested in a class action suite if it is filed

posted by Michelle Bastien on: Nov 20, 2006 09:56pm

I Also have a sunbeam three handle machine hot's broken off and machine makes horrible sounds will never buy one again or any sunbeam product

posted by Kyna MacVicar on: Nov 28, 2006 08:03pm

My cooler has all three water handles broken. Other than that, the cooler has been great.

posted by kevin on: Dec 12, 2006 10:08am

SUNBEAM SUX!!!!!!! this is my last of 2 they leak i have a pizza shop and a bussiness to run no help what so ever so now i keep it at the store with a big sign on on tell my hundreds of customers that come in every day DONT BUY THIS JUNK!!!!

posted by Sebastian on: Dec 27, 2006 02:30pm

I managed to take my blue knob for the Cold Water System ( the blue one ) and make a 3D mould of it with our 3D injection mould, made many more seems to work fine i re-enforced the area where there is more stress on the nipple part. Sunbeam can kiss my ASS. You spend $300.00 cdn on a water cooler and it's murder when you need parts.

posted by Dale on: Jan 10, 2007 11:26am

I had the blue faucet break and ordered one from Elite Group on 11/30/06 and this is 1/10/07 and have never received order thopugh credit card charged when ordered BEWARE OF SUNBEAM

posted by melrose on: Jan 26, 2007 04:23am

I purchased a sunbeam water cooler filtration system only a year ago and now I cannot find the replacement filters anywhere! The stores have said that it probably is not being produced anymore! So I have contacted Sunbeam about 9 times and they keep giving me a phone number that is ALWAYS busy and when I e-mailed they said to give them my number so I did and that was 3 months ago!Stay away from Sunbeam.

posted by hump69 on: Jan 27, 2007 06:00pm

i got 2 coolers for free and both work great.1 needed apart and i got it in 8 days.only cost $20 for the part from sunbeam.don't know what ur probs are. sunbeam rocks

posted by Erle on: Feb 13, 2007 08:54pm

My sunbeam water cooler is two years old, and the water stays at room temperature, but the fridge is at 32 degrees f. after looking at all the other problems, I guess I am lucky. This is the first problem with it. Any suggestions on what to do? Inclined to buy another manufacturer's product.

posted by Dickxe on: Feb 26, 2007 07:57pm

I too have a 2 year old sunbeam YLR2. the cold/blue handle broke off and I guess I will have to get in line for another one. The thing has always been noisey (can't tell if it's running or my furnace) I think it still works can't get any water out to check though...

posted by casey2687 on: Mar 10, 2007 08:44pm

my cooler leaked and warped my laminate floor - bought a new one 0255 and the water tasted like plastic - replaced it and still the same - not the water - even used tap water and it tastes like plastic - FED UP! timmins, ont. canada

posted by Babe Ruth on: Mar 16, 2007 10:41pm

ANSWER: RETURN TO STORE AND STORE CALLS THIS NUMBER: 1-866-631-2031………..It worked for me and I got my money back!!!! My wife gave me my Sunbeam water dispenser for my birthday in May 2005. We drink tons of water, it was working great, and we loved it. Then, in December 2006 I came home from work with water all over the floor (a full 18L jug). It wasn’t the taps; the tank leaked!!! Called the toll-free number (Prestige Home Comfort licensed to manufacture Sunbeam products in Montreal) and could not get through at all. So, I searched hard on the internet for another non-toll-free number for Prestige Home Comfort and finally found one 514-383-4720. I called it and the lady was very rude and told me to call the other line. So, I tried to get through for a couple of more months calling the other line; with my water dispenser sitting in a large bucket cause sometimes it leaked and sometimes it didn’t. Finally, knowing the 2 year warranty was going to end in May, I called the 514-383-4720 number. Got the same nasty lady (totally remembered her voice and attitude). I asked for her full name but she wouldn’t give it to me. I asked for her supervisor…finally she transferred me to the one in charge. This person was much better. He said he would replace it. Since I didn’t have the receipt (it was a gift), he asked where it was bought – some stores have an understanding with Prestige that the customer can take back the product and Prestige will reimburse, even without the receipt. The store has to call 1-866-631-2031 to confirm. Anyway the store was great (Atlantic Superstore, a division of Loblaws) and I got my money back. The guy at the store said he has seen these machines break a lot!!! I think if you got it at Canadian Tire, I don’t think they have the understanding with Prestige that I mentioned. LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKS!!! ALSO, CAN ANYBODY SUGGEST WHAT ONE I SHOULD BUY??? (DEFINITELY NOT SUNBEAM!!!)

posted by albert on: Mar 19, 2007 11:33pm

Great. I was searching for parts for my Sunbeam cooler and found this. Your photo is identical to mine. And I guess it's my last Sunbeam product. NO parts anywhere. Thanks for makeing my search ed quickly...sorry you had to go through all that to get your money back. Albert

posted by Doug on: Apr 2, 2007 05:47pm

Found: a source for Sunbeam water dispenser replacement hot water faucet. My local Sunbeam authorized repair shop said we must get this part direct from Sunbeam. Sunbeam said this is handled by a contractor, Elite Classics, in Montreal, 1-877-383-6399. I phoned on a Tuesday mid-day, and was kept waiting for a real live person for 35 minutes. (That's okay, I put the call on speakerphone and kept busy while waiting.) Finally a person answered, and my order was taken. Seven weeks later, it came in the mail. Some points to consider: * This was a hot water (red) faucet for a three-faucet white dispenser. They may not carry all models. * They do take VISA. * 90% of the US$7.00 cost was S&H. Consider buying two of the replacement item, for cheap failure insurance. * Your mileage may vary.

posted by Steph Pigeon on: Apr 9, 2007 03:12pm

just bought sunbeam two weeks ago, taste like plastic, went through 3 jugs already, I will be returning I should have known, was on sale for $59 at home depot...Wal-Mart here I come

posted by Yev on: Apr 11, 2007 09:58am

I called 1-877-383-6399, I got real person after 20 min. They the ONLY people who has any parts for the coolers. it takes 3 weeks for the delivery (this is expedited mail by Canada Post). Hot water nozzel cost me $17.40 with S&H. This would be last time i ever bought Sunbeam.

posted by Christy on: Apr 16, 2007 03:24am

i didnt buy the sunbeam water cooler, i bought mine from lowes, but i did get a sunbeam personal water filtration system-J3000. its a refillable water jug with 3 filters in it, mainly i got this because of the refillable part, but this being the first night we put it together, the filters leak from the gaskets so the water that goes into the cooler is only partly filtered, i just got this from k-mart dummy me bought it without making sure there were replaceable filters for it. which i can not find anywhere, i'm not even gonna try the Phone #'s probably not point see what happens with the emails....doesnt seem right that any store can sell something at full price that is outdated or no longer available anywhere.....

posted by Dan on: Apr 20, 2007 10:44pm

Just bought a sunbeam 0255 and you are right the water does taste like crap. haven't tried it on its own so i didn't notice. but my biggest complaint wouldn't even be that, it would be the fact that its flow rate is about 2 cups a min and takes like forever to fill a water bottle. Back to home depot tomorrow!

posted by karla on: Jun 7, 2007 11:47am

We just got the model 0255 over this past weekend and the water tastes discusting!! I was going to contact Sunbeam but after reading all of this info I am just going to return the piece of junk before it is too late!!!

posted by sam on: Jun 30, 2007 03:18pm

as a small appliance repair shop here in denver, i have to repair or try to repair small appliances, and have found that many parts are generic to each other, the Grainger company do carry some spigots,taps, or nozzles whatever you want to call the some modification might be re quired. sam

posted by Michael J. on: Jul 3, 2007 06:57pm

ALERT!!! Please DO NOT call the SCAM 800/877 numbers posted here under the name of Elite. Unfortunately, I'm one of the victims! I bought 3 red knob (since they broke so easily!) paid in full and waited for over 2 months. When you place the order, they will always tell you the same excuse that it's a special order so it will take 3-4 weeks for them to order. I called them several times for the status and they finally ended up telling me that they have already shipped it weeks ago but I have never received it! Frankly, I don't think they even ship it in the first place. They just scammed my money. BE CAREFULL not to fall in the same scam!!!

posted by Hi on: Jul 7, 2007 07:39pm

Does any one have a manual for this Sunbeam water cooler to share? I need to know how to reassemble it.SUNBEAM WATER COOLER Model: YLR2-5-87H3

posted by brooke on: Jul 9, 2007 12:30am

I ordered a blue cold water handle from Elite and was promptly charged for the handle. That was Feb. Now it is July and no handle, no letter, no explanation. More hassle. Also the filters were changed and had to back order these. Didn't get them for 2 months. This product SUCKS ASS. DO NOT BUY.

posted by Larry on: Jul 14, 2007 10:42am

WOW! I guess I dodged a bullet. I've had a Sunbeam cooler (YLR2-5-87H3) for several years and it works great! The hot water is HOT and the cold water is COLD. It's quiet and the water doesn't taste funny. I've got my cold water thermostat turned up all the way without a problem. The only thing is that the hot water handle snapped a couple of years ago, but I've gotten along by just unscrewing the crown of the spigot enough to let the water pass. (For the mechanically reclined, the crown is the cap of the faucet that looks kind of like the lid of a jar. It's right underneath the colored handle). IMPORTANT: if you do this, you'd be wise to practice on the cold water spigot. You don't want to unscrew it all the way or too far. On my model, it's not that the water will come out the top of the spigot (I suppose some could splash a little but most of it comes out the bottom where it's supposed to), but you could misjudge how many turns it takes to stop the flow at the right time and end up overflowing your cup onto your hand. Also, even after the water stops flowing KEEP TURNING the crown clockwise until it's tight, otherwise it will look like you've shut it off but a few minutes later it will start to slowly leak and overflow the drip basin. After reading about all the "leaks" in this thread, I wonder how many were just a loose crown on a spigot (many of them sounded like they were legitimate problems though). Anyway, that's my two cents -- some of you might think my stop-gap solution is not a good idea. That's fine...please don't try it if you're not comfortable with it. For me, it's no different than turning on the water for the garden hose. Hope that New Jersey attorney gives Sunbeam a wake up call with a class action suit.

posted by Larry on: Jul 14, 2007 04:47pm

BTW "Hi", I have a manual to share for the YLR2-5-87H3 if you still need to know how to reassemble it (Sunbeam refers to the unit as 0147/0148 in the manual...??).

posted by andy on: Jul 20, 2007 07:17pm

How can I get that manual from you Larry?

posted by Larry on: Aug 1, 2007 10:25am

Sorry for the delay...not sure how to get the manual to you. There are only 6 meaningful pages (in English). I could try scanning them and posting them here. Is that allowed? I won't have access to my scanner until after Aug. 20, and by then I'll probably have forgotten about it. Can I post an email address here? Again, I don't want to break any rules, but an email could remind me in case I forget. Try contacting me at goodbyetospam@comcast.net (an address I only check when I'm looking for a reply) and I'll see if I can hook you up.

posted by Larry on: Aug 1, 2007 10:29am

...and another thing: I officially sprung a leak. It was my fault though. I sent the plastic parts through the dishwasher (top rack) and all but one came out fine. The part that holds the large ring seal warped and now I need a new one. Live and learn...

posted by Larry on: Aug 1, 2007 10:53am

I really need to try stuff before posting...I just called 877-383-6399 and they took care of everything in four minutes. I'm getting a whole new receptacle unit and hot water spigot for $28. They will email the manual to me, which I am happy to email to anyone who needs it, although you may get a faster response if you just call the number. I didn't do this first because the previous posts made it sound like a waste of time.

posted by D S on: Aug 2, 2007 02:36pm

My wife and I purchased the Sunbeam ylr2-5-87h3 a few years ago and used it mostly for cold water, then in transition it was in storage for a short while. I recently took it out to use it again and I have what seems to be the infamous warped ring /casket and a slow leak from the unit. I started to look into the problem, but after reading everyone’s issues with it I am not going to waste my time. Soo to the highest bidder it goes! The water taps/knows are good but it does not have the base stand. Anyone around the Chicago area would be accessible. hereiam07@earthlink.net

posted by customer support on: Aug 3, 2007 05:12pm

The number to call for customer support for any problems to do with water coolers including replacement taps is 1-877-383-6399 this is the number in your manual and will be confirmed by Sunbeam if you have any doubts please confirm the number directly with Sunbeam. In respect of replacement taps if you live in North America you will be offered two choices of shipment, the lower cost has no tracking number so if it is not delivered we cannot do anything, the risk is with you however we do have proof of postage. The second and more expensive option includes tracking and if this is chosen we can assist with any non delivered parts. Goods ordered from Canada have 1 rate of shipping and this does include item tracking. If you are having any problems with our customer service please send an email to complaints@elitegroupinc.ca

posted by Dave on: Aug 4, 2007 11:46am

I have model #YLR2-5-87H3. My problem is the cold water dispenser lever is broken. Is it possible to take one of the other levers off and put it on the cold, since that is the only one I use? Thanks a lot, Dave.

posted by Dawn on: Aug 21, 2007 08:55am

WOW! I read some of these blogs and I'm so lucky...up until NOW. I brought my YLR2-5-87H3 several years ago maybe around 4 yrs. Anyway, I haven't had any problems, but the cold water stop being "cold". I was afraid to call the 877#, but I got up the courage and called. The guy answered, was very nice and walked me though what he thought might fix my problem. He told me to turn the dial to (1) and cut off the system then unplug. Wait 1hr plug back up, leave dial at (1). DO NOT CUT ON HOT! After 45 minutes with dial at (1) turn it to (4). It should be cold. Only cut on the hot when I need to use it. That's fine because its in our workout room and we don't need the hot. I'm keeping my fingers cross! I'll post in 2 hr to let you know if it's working.

posted by melo on: Aug 25, 2007 09:40pm

I experienced the funny taste thing myself. I completely drained and dried out the reservoir with some paper towels, and let it refridgerate for about 12 hours before placing a new water bottle on it, and it seems to have fixed it. Now my plants won't be the only ones drinking from it anymore ;)

posted by Maya on: Sep 8, 2007 01:41pm

Hi I bought a small sunbeam water machine i dont have the slips for it anymore but the cooler doesnt work when i turn it on only the warm side is going on but the cooler side doesnt even go on can you please tell me where i can fix it and whats wrong thank you maya

posted by Shirley G. on: Sep 14, 2007 01:46pm

PLEASE NOTE - Everyone on here is trashing Sunbeam - their only mistake was to "grant licensing rights" to the Sumbeam name to Star Elite or Elite Classics. SUNBEAM DOES NOT MAKE THIS PRODUCT!!!! tHEY ALSO DON'T MAKE "ELITE'S" air conditioners refrigerators,wine coolers or the electric fireplace inserts.They also gave the licensing rights to another company - Curtis International for the Microwave with their name on it. I'm sorry but Sunbeam is only having their 100 year reputation damaged by doing this. If you read the paperwork with the product or even read the label on the outside of the box or on the machine this will be confirmed. Just thought you all should know

posted by Frank on: Sep 24, 2007 05:26pm

Hi i have a sun beam cooler #ylr2-597hzl2/2ja4 and it is all digital with push button dispensing the problem i have is it will shut off after reaching the desired temps. but sometimes will not come back on until i give it a smack at the back, and then it will run till the water frezzes and i have to turn it off. Does anybody else have this problem&& whats the fix. I also need a manual Thanks

posted by Lisa on: Oct 27, 2007 03:14am

hmmm- guess I should have read here during the weeks and weeks I was waiting for my replacement valve for the hot water! I wish I had known 6 months ago that I coul dhave taken the stupid thing back. So- now I have a nice new handle with no more leaking but can you find the replacement filters anywhere...NO because they are now all discontinued. Last time I buy sunbeam anything!

posted by Lisa on: Oct 27, 2007 03:22am

Well, Sunbeam has to play some respobsibility in the lemons they are granting the rights too- would you want your company's name on something like this. We all can't be making it up... At least $100+ for each system that isn't working properlydoes start to add up. Now that I have my new handles and the cooler isn't leaking they have decided to discontinue the filters rendering the system useless. That really is not fair to the consumer at all.

posted by Victor on: Nov 16, 2007 01:05pm

Well like most of us here , I bought a Sunbeam water dispenser, in our local Wal-Mart,an the water faucet's started to leak, beside's having all the water in the floor. I can even find the parts, for the peace of crap. Can anyone help?

posted by Paul R on: Dec 11, 2007 01:44pm

The filters are available but only by calling 1-877 383-6399, Stores do not carry them

posted by Paul R on: Dec 11, 2007 01:45pm

Victor- you can get assistance on your water cooler and spare parts by calling customer service on 1-877-383-6399

posted by darcy on: Dec 19, 2007 01:31am

well well i guess i can joing the club.,., i need not to say more.

posted by rt on: Dec 30, 2007 01:51am

i have a sunbeam 3 lever cooler, was just looking to find replacment lever came accros this blog, sounds like i am wasting time trying to contact sunbeam so i will go into my basement, put on my mad inventors face and see what i can make on my own it will be much faster & will probably outlast the rest of the cooler, my neghbourgh has the same problam so this will be my LAST sunbeam product!!!!

posted by Lynn on: Jan 10, 2008 01:12am

I have a Sunbeam cooler, no spigots, just push in buttons. No problems & have had it 3.5 years. My problem is that one of my employees pushed around the bottle & the top of it broke. This is the top/bottom that keeps the water from coming out when you turn it over & it also has a spring assembly thing that lets the water escape the bottle & go into the cooler. Can I get this part from Elite?

posted by Terry on: Jan 19, 2008 01:04pm

Last year on 1/29/07, I ordered a red spigot and was charged $7. When I did not receive my order in February, I called the Elite Group to ask about my order. I finally received it on 3/15/07 and you could probably wouldn't be suprised but the next week my blue spigot broke. Less than a year later my red one broke again. So I called again on 1/17/08 and found out that they raised the prices for this year: $5 for each spigot and $7.20 for shipping. My order came to $27.20 because I ordered 4 for backup. Does anyone know anywhere else to buy these spigots? I searched ebay and did not find any. Let's all hope the attorney from New Jersey does a class action law suit.

posted by marissa on: Jan 26, 2008 06:07pm


posted by KEN Terrill on: Feb 8, 2008 12:31pm

I tried to find the hot water dispenser handle for our Sunbeam water cooler/heater online. Not a chance. $100 down the drain. The handle is a cheap plastic part that could not be more than $10 with postage and it can be replaced in less than a minute by simply pushing out a pin, taking old one off, put new one on. BUT NO DAMN PARTS AVAILABLE. What a waste of money and materials.

posted by KEn Terrill on: Feb 8, 2008 12:48pm

I called elite group (not very) and they have the part. However, after the 1/2 hour it took to find the info, I called, had my model number ready, gave them my credit card number and the card, which is perfectly good and has never been refused, was refused!! No parts, no hot water, just more capitalista bull****.

posted by Elite Customer service on: Feb 13, 2008 10:14am

Mr Terrill, I am sorry you had a problem with our customer service. We obviously have no control over the the credit card processing however if you contact your card issuer they should be able to give you the reaon for the refusal. If you call back ask for a supervisor and they should be able to help you.

posted by Christy on: Feb 29, 2008 11:43am

Does anyone have a copy of the manuel for a Sunbeam SA12587. I need to reassembly it.

posted by Leeanna Tucker on: Mar 13, 2008 01:30am

I went looking for parts today to fix my water cooler dispensor by Sunbeem Model #YLR2-5-90HZ3 Sn# 0904413. I purchased it at Home Depot on sale. I have replaced the cold water spout with a red one. The original one was blue. I moved the unit outside because of leaks.

posted by Stephanie on: Mar 18, 2008 05:28pm

I called Elite on Feb 29 to order a replacement cold water valve. The call was answered within 5 seconds by a pleasant man named Jacques. He said the part was in stock and I would receive it in two weeks...and I did.

posted by Stephanie on: Mar 18, 2008 05:29pm

I called Elite on Feb 29 to order a replacement cold water valve. The call was answered within 5 seconds by a pleasant man named Jacques. He said the part was in stock and I would receive it in two weeks...and I did.

posted by Don on: Mar 21, 2008 01:27pm

I have a water cooler and the taps are made of plastic and they break and I don't know where to get the parts. I live in Moncton N.B. Canada. Could U tell me how to get the parts and where??????

posted by Sean on: Mar 24, 2008 11:57pm

I bought a Sunbeam water cooler with hot water dispenser at Zellers a couple of years ago. Today hot water came out of the room temperature nozzle. Hot water was leaking out the bottom as well onto and under my hardwood floor. Somehow the entire water bottle is heated as well. Very dangerous since I have a 7 year old daughter who could have easily been scalded. These pieces of junk need to be recalled. They are a safety hazard.

posted by Robert Sandoval on: Apr 10, 2008 08:47pm

I have a model ylr2-5-87h3 and the gold & hot knobs broke.

posted by Chris on: May 13, 2008 11:43pm

Looks like I join an elite group here. Sunbeam SS water cooler leaked 4 gallons of water onto my floor to sheetrock into my basement to a puddle. Where do I start looking to see where the leak is coming from?

posted by NIcholas on: Jun 6, 2008 10:55am

I bought a Sunbeam water dispenser for home use at Home Depot, model YL2-27CH2, for $89+tax. The stream of water it dispenses is very slow. The cold water is not very cold, so I have to fill up a gallon jug from it and cool it in the fridge. It takes forever to fill a jug. Very much a pain. Yes, I saved having to rent a dispenser for $10/mo. from the water dealer but, expected a better product. I do NOT recommend this one.

posted by Don on: Jun 14, 2008 03:08pm

My cooler (3-lever model HZ3) now has two broken handles. By reading this blog it is obvious that these levers have a design flaw and should be replaced at no charge to those that have this problem.

posted by HP on: Jun 21, 2008 10:57am

I have a YLR2-5-87H3 for over 5 years with no problems until now. Water is leaking. Where do I get parts?

posted by Donald on: Jun 27, 2008 01:55pm

If everyone on here would go to the Better Business Bureau web-site and put in a complaint about them you might get more done faster. I have had my water cooler for about 3 months and now both spigot handles have broken off.

posted by Sean Peters on: Jul 9, 2008 06:18pm

After reading all the complaints about Sunbeam water coolers, I guess I should feel lucky. The red safety handle on my cooler broke in half. And I could not get any hot water. I called the toll free number and a representative did answer right away. I explained that I needed a new safety handle. I was told that I had to fill out a disclaimer stating that they had informed me that a "CERTIFIED" Technician should do the installation. They then told me that I would have to pay approximately $8.00 plus shipping and handling. What does this part cost them? 10 cents? Plus....shipping, handling, tax...you name it. I asked for a supervisor...I informed him that after paying for the part and dragging the machine to a repair shop...I might as well by a new water cooler. I asked for them to send me the part complementary. The guy told me that since it was past the 90 day warranty period, I had to pay...pay...pay! 90 days??? Are they kidding? I guess not. I then asked to speak with his supervisor...I was told that he was some kind of executive...and he doesnt entertain customer problems...An executive in charge of customer assistance not concerned about customers...it figures. I then asked for this guys name...but was informed that was privileged information. I asked if I could have the supervisor's name with whom I was speaking. Hallelujah I was speaking to Doug Bentley. The supervisor that cannot make a decision. The supervisor that is only allowed to parrot what the customer representatives say. Well to make a long story short...I took the machine apart...broke off the remaining part of the red switch...and placed a small piece of ply-able plastic under the spigot. I now have hot water!! The stock holders need to clean house at Sunbeam. And I will never purchase a Sunbeam product again.

posted by RoBear on: Jul 13, 2008 04:15pm

My problem is dimilar to others. My 10 months old baby broke the handles of both faucets on my SunBeam YL2-27CH2 and I can`t replacement part for it...!

posted by dee on: Jul 14, 2008 11:26pm

oster tap for water cooler : "Sorry but we do not handle the water dispenser parts here. For this please contact Elite Classics at 1-877-383-6399 ." Regards, Household Appliance Sales and Service Co

posted by Sean Peters on: Jul 25, 2008 12:34am

Update on my July 9th. posting. My Sunbeam water has now started to leak...yes you guessed it...I now have a warped kitchen floor. Does anyone have information about product recalls or class action suits?

posted by Michele on: Nov 14, 2008 05:21pm

A simple nail through the slot holds the handles on. You do have to make a hole in the tab but it was pretty easy. BUT just not the white thingy that sticks up inside the bottle just broke off. Mine is about 5 months old. No idea how to find this part though.

posted by sandra on: Nov 30, 2008 08:36pm

My handles were constantly breaking...we used it at the office. It took forever, but they did replace the handles with a new material. I'm wondering what that metal shaving is on the handles? Lead? why so soft? does it drop in our water?

posted by BGATES on: Dec 25, 2008 03:13am

www.sunbeam.com/specialannouncement.aspx JCS owns the Sunbeam® and Oster® trademarks, but in this case licensed these trademarks to Petters Consumer Brands, LLC, which changed its name earlier this year to MLO Appliance Company, LLC. MLO Appliance Company, LLC is wholly owned by or otherwise affiliated with Petters Group Worldwide, LLC, which was responsible for your product. Next, on September 10, 2008, JCS was notified that MLO Appliance Company, LLC was discontinuing its business operations, becoming insolvent and defaulting on its obligations to its secured lender, Petters Capital, Inc. Further, Petters Capital, Inc., the secured lender of MLO Appliance Company, LLC, has reportedly now taken possession of and is liquidating MLO Appliance Company, LLC’s assets. To date, Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases have been filed for Petters Group Worldwide, LLC, Petters Company, Inc. and Petters Capital, Inc. JCS, as the licensor of the trademarks, did not design, manufacture, market, distribute or sell any licensed product manufactured by or on behalf of the Petters Companies. As you can see from the information provided, JCS is not the controlling party in the matters concerning your products and therefore is not liable or responsible for the licensed products manufactured by or on behalf of the Petters Companies. As such, any warranty that applies to the product you purchased was offered by the Petters Companies. Prior to discontinuing its business operations, MLO Appliance Company, LLC provided and managed any and all customer care and after-sales support for the licensed products manufactured by or on behalf of the Petters Companies. Thus, the Petters Companies are responsible for any and all warranty obligations as clearly stated in your warranty documentation.

posted by Mendy on: Dec 31, 2008 07:47pm

Help!! I bought this model used just a month ago and now I can't seem to put the pieces in properly so that it will work... does anyone have the instructions for me? you can type them here?? fatherandhusband@gmail.com is the email if you can help me, thanks a lot.

posted by Jorge Sousa on: Mar 14, 2009 08:38pm


posted by Debe on: Mar 26, 2009 09:12am

I have the same white sunbeam water cooler. Mine just started leaking around the plastic lip that the bottle sits on. I think the inside is put together wrong. My husband cleaned it and now it leaks. Do you know where I can get a owners manual to see how this is supposed to be put together?

posted by Cindy on: Apr 15, 2009 05:31pm

Not all leaks are caused by the cooler, they are caused by the bottled water. If you are using with no problems, then replace bottle and one day find your floor flooded, it is the bottle. There can be a pinhole or hairline crack in it, which allows too much air to seep in, which causes the cooler to overflow. Mark these bottles "leaker" so they can be taken out of circulation by the water company. Another indication is, when you remove the bottle if the well in the top is full of water....which will also cause the leaking around the top as some of you have commented. Hope this helps some of you as I had the same frustrating problem.

posted by Seamus O'Malley on: Apr 21, 2009 01:07am

I purchased the Sunbeam Water Cooler Model# YLR2-5-24H2. It has SA12587 listed on product sticker also. Im very gentle with this unit so my spigots havent broken. **Important** Water leaks out of the casket top where the 5 gallon bottle rests. It leaks around the edge or rim of this plastic receptacle. The leak isnt constant, its sporadic as if the water tank "burps" then water will stream from that plastic edge. I have tried to tighten with no success. Over a semi-short period of time, gallons will leak onto the floor. If you cannot find your leak - check there. Depending on the tilt of the bottle & the unit it may be leaking out the backside. No hoses or retainers leak. Sunbeam has destroyed an otherwise good reputation with these series of water coolers. By granting license to some 3rd world country to produce garbage, furnish zero parts or at the least high priced parts will come back at them hard. It may take a few years, but customers never forget - I dont. Future products no matter how spectacular will be ignored & dismissed because the lesson learned here. This many posts isnt a coincidence. We are NOT whining here, merely asking for information because the WWW suspiciously lacks info & parts about these products. This is one of the few places I found answers. I must admit, I feel like I was ripped off. I will try the Elite Group 877# but have little faith after what I've read. Competition is everywhere - I do not need to buy Sunbeam again.

posted by annoyed on: May 28, 2009 04:29pm

And this, people, is why America is so screwed up. You buy cheap products, and then complain when they break. Why would you NOT keep a reciept? A store won't take back your goods without one, why should this company be any different? Maybe save a little money and get something of quality? Just a thought. You expect everything for free without taking any responsability for yourselves. Damaged goods do not damage themselves, that is what your kids are for. Instead of wasting your time making blogs for things no one cares about, maybe you should do more research on the goods you will buy and make an informed, educated desision. Now stop bitching and maybe find something proactive to write blogs about; i.e. The state of your economy, the distruction of America and anything else Pro-American you people write about.

posted by Dick on: Jul 22, 2009 05:52pm

I believe that a company as large as Sunbeam should at least be able to help its customers with a problem when they are called . I have a water leak from the refrigerator under the water cooler which is switched off on the switch on the back of the cabinet . When I cal;led the company I was told that they could not help me. I have 40 years of commerical refrigeration service work and this company can not even explane what the switch is for being that the refrigerator is cooling causing the leakage on the floor and rusting stain on the floor. The atty that had a problem Around Aug 30,06 thru Sept 3,2006 should make a class action suit about this cooler company which has caused fire,water ,no support and still is selling the item at Home Depot who will not take it back!!!!!!!!!

posted by andy on: Jul 28, 2009 02:59pm

we have one and love it. we have a leak too but we just tighented the top of the valves and it is fixed have a nice day

posted by tina on: Aug 2, 2009 07:13pm

does anyone know how to get rfeplacement parts....now all of my spouts r broken...

posted by Ronald on: Aug 13, 2009 07:56pm

My Sunbeam water cooler w/fridge and 3 spigots has sprung a leak for the second time at the plastic plate where the water bottle fills. It somehow gets distorted and the first time I was able to make it pliable enough with an electric Black&Decker heat gun to straighten it out and it lasted leak free for about 1.5 years and now it leaks again but I cannot get the part straightened out anymore neither can I find a place to get a replacement part. It is obviously time to buy a new machine and you can bet it will not be a Sunbeam after all the problems I've had with this one and all the same headaches I've read about other people with their junk. I hope they go bankrupt if they haven't already. Poor way of doing business and they don't care about the customer.

posted by donnajean on: Oct 24, 2009 01:31pm

I purchased a sunbeam water dispenser in 2002 . over the years it has leaked periodically but after I rinsed with vinegar let it sit overnight and gave a thorough rinse with clean water it stopped leaking finally gave out 2009.

posted by Chuck Kniest on: Oct 26, 2009 10:56am

I guess I must have gotten a "lemon". I purchased my 3 faucet Sunbeam over 10 years ago and have never had a single problem with it. None of the handles have broken, none of the spigots have ever leaked, the cooler unit runs at 4 all the time and the water is good and cool. We never use the hot so it is turned off but we do use the room temp faucet for the dogs water and the wife uses it when she wants to brew some tea in the microwave. The only problem we EVER had was a square bottle that we had purchased would never sit just right on the top and we had to "play" with it for 2 or 3 minutes to get it to stop seeping out, finally got rid of that bottle and got 2 round ones. We use about 10 gallons per week and I refill my bottles at the local grocery store. The only reason I found this thread is because I am wanting to get another one with the cooler on the bottom and happened across the thread.

posted by joan alexis on: Nov 25, 2009 09:41am

I think they have improved customer service since 2005 as I bought one for my Dad and myself back then, his gasket was warped after only 6 months and waited a year for the part. Now my gasket has warped also, pretty good for 4 yrs.I am calling today but we should be able to purchase these items in some store.

posted by joan alexis on: Nov 25, 2009 09:42am

I think they have improved customer service since 2005 as I bought one for my Dad and myself back then, his gasket was warped after only 6 months and waited a year for the part. Now my gasket has warped also, pretty good for 4 yrs.I am calling today but we should be able to purchase these items in some store.

posted by Ray on: Jan 21, 2010 05:06pm

I have a Sunbeam ylr2 that the hot water tank leaks. all of the valves, case, and everything else is in like new condition. If anyone needs parts, please email and we will try to accomodate you. Sunbeam no longer has parts, and neither does anyone else. contact payray1@yahoo.com for more info

posted by Peter Sullivan on: May 12, 2010 07:39pm

I have a Sunbeam water cooler with hot, cold and room temperature water taps. They all broke. Contacted the Elite Group today 877-383-6399. Very helpful, they had all 3 colour coded taps in stock, total cost to replace including taxes and shipping $25 and change, 10 days for delivery. You need the Number off the back that starts with a YL.

posted by RAERAE on: Jun 27, 2010 09:53am


posted by Raymond on: Jun 29, 2010 11:32am

I called elite today about my ylr2587h3. I wanted the top plate that the round receptacle sits inside off. CS told me that this machine is discontinued and parts are no longer available. I guess if you have a one that works but needs parts you just pitch it? What a shame. You can get cosmetic parts( i am not sure what that is.)I too had the knobs break off. I ended up fashioning replacements from wooden handle stock I had around the house looks ugly but it works. I wouldn't buy or recommend Sunbeam products in the future.

posted by Kyle Evans on: Sep 22, 2010 09:56pm

Over 6 years ago, I purchased a Sunbeam water cooler for maybe $100 or so. The darn product is the only thing I probably have that has lasted 6 years without issue. Recently the knobs broke off on the hot and cold water faucet. I came looking for replacements and ended up here. I dont understand where all the negative comments are coming from but mine has been great. I just need replacement faucets.


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