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Shortcuts Cut You Back

Published December 21, 2004
As most people know, there are two ways to do something:
  1. The right way
  2. The wrong way
So why do so many people take the wrong way? It's human nature to try to get something done as fast as possible. The wrong way usually entails faster results. Your probably waiting for the point. The point is that developers often take a faster approach rather than taking the right approach. If a site has templates and there is minimal logic in the templates. Why butcher the site and throw tons of logic in templates? Simply say $a = Class::method(); Then use $a in your template. I know it is much faster now. But someone else will have to maintain that code later and code can either be misinterpretted or removed. This is especially true if the logic is in a template. So programmers out there and anyone... please do it the right way and save time down the road.
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Ronnie Schwartz is the CTO and founder of RustyBrick, an agile web & mobile development firm that creates effective applications and focuses on finding the right balance between time to production and software quality to get clients in front of their customers quickly and effectively. Ronnie brings over twenty years of innovative design, programming and management expertise to the table.

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