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New Google Chrome Preloads the Next Predicted Page

AUGUST 24, 2011

I'm currently on Google Chrome 13 and just noticed the web page preloading in a real life scenario. You can reproduce the effect and try it yourself by following these steps:

Go to Google...

JavaScript Hover Effects to Speed Up Page Load Time

JULY 1, 2011

 If you have a big home page with a lot of articles that have third party elements, such as Facebook Like buttons, or other JavaScript powered share buttons, you can greatly speed up the loading of your page by not loading the extras until the user's mouse cursor travels over them...

HTML5 Video on TravelShark for a Better Experience

JUNE 16, 2011

At RustyBrick I recently had the pleasure of working with TravelShark (formerly Swiftrank) to launch a new website for their featured hotel program...

New Facebook Worm Spreads Like Wildfire

MAY 4, 2011

 Earlier today (May 4, 2011) or possibly last night (May 3, 2011), I noticed a few odd posts on Facebook from friends with odd descriptions like "OMG this is amazing!" or "you MUST see this!" I didn't think anything of it and deleted the post...

Design Case Study

MARCH 14, 2011

On December 2, 2010, we implemented a complete redesign and revamp of a search engine site I own and operate named Search Engine Roundtable. I wanted to share the site's success with you all, something I can rarely do with client sites...

Amazon S3 With Your Domain

FEBRUARY 22, 2011

For high traffic web sites, hosting images and video files can be costly and server resource intensive. This is why companies like Amazon, RackSpace, Google and others designed scalable cloud computing environments to let you host files on servers that can scale in terms of bandwidth and resources...

NetBeans IDE: The Best for PHP Development?

DECEMBER 31, 2010

After coding practically everything (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML) in the outdated Zend Studio 5.1 -- from around 2006) for about 2 years -- it is now up to version 8 but I wont go into that -- I've switched over to using NetBeans IDE full time for about 2 weeks and I'm loving it...

webOS Developer Day

NOVEMBER 22, 2010

On Friday and Saturday I attended the HP webOS Developer Day 2010 in New York City...

iPhone Users Dominate Us

AUGUST 10, 2010

I was checking our stats today and was curious what type of user base is using mobile devices to view our site...

Google's Font Replacement

JULY 28, 2010

Designers of web content, rejoice! Tired of using the same six web safe fonts for all of your websites? Another solution to the boring web fonts problem is now being offered by a collaboration between Google & TypeKit...

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