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Published April 8, 2005
About two weeks ago my T1 line went down in the office, not a big deal since we have a Cable line as well. But our business cable provider does not offer port 80 traffic, so our client were unable to view the test server for a day, which was an inconvenience. The office building manages a T1 provided by MCI, the management office recently let go the individual who managed the T1, with that, went our confidence in having a stable T1 line. The search for a reliable T1 provider was up next. Covad seemed to have the best package for a reliable service. So we signed up with them about two weeks ago. A few day ago, I get a phone call from Speakeasy, a Covad reseller, that they can give me the exact same T1 service for $40 less per month plus throw in much more. Speakeasy offered the same level T1 (which Covad will install based on my research), free DSL for a year anywhere I want, a full IP block (Covad provided only 5 IP addresses), dial up, and all other the extras that I won't need. The only thing Speakeasy was unable to provide was the Cisco T1 router, instead I am getting a Netopia router, which seems to be just fine. One of the major pluses is that Speakeasy has a Business VOIP solution that I have been eager to test out. It is probably the same thing as Covad's, I am still waiting for more information on that part. It will replace our current phone system, allowing me to manage everything through a virtual Web console. I can add/manage extensions, initiate conference calls, and the whole works with this system. The price is much more competitive then Covad. So how does Speakeasy do it? They resell Covad's services, at a lower price then Covad, and brand it as Speakeasy? I do not know. I guess they are looking to sell more for less. I do not care, same service - same provider - lower price. Both have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I can cancel for any reason, even price. So I cancelled Covad and went with Speakeasy. Based on my research, Speakeasy should be a reliable service. Time will tell.
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posted by Enders on: May 1, 2006 01:55pm

I'm very curious to find out how Speakeasy has been working for you? We are in a very similar situation - have had Covad now for about 7 months and has continually been a nightmare and are looking to switch to Speakeasy. Can you tell me about your experience?

posted by glenn on: Dec 22, 2008 08:49am

I am eager to hear about your experiences with easy speak also. Please let me know if this is a solution that works for you. Thanks


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