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Published May 31, 2005
I'm going to develop an open source web meeting suite. The client will be written in Java and will support both the visual and audio aspects of meetings. This will be similar to how WebEx works. The server will be written in PHP 5/MySQL 4 and use web services to connect to the clients (rather the clients will connect to the server). The actual video and audio will most likely use P2P to limit bandwidth usage and to avoid NAT issues. I am asking for a feedback regarding this to enable me to write out the feature spec and get started planning this large project. Some initial ideas I've thought about are: 1) Chat 2) IM 3) File Transfer 4) Notes 5) Highlight on screen. 6) Multi-share (allow others to share something on their screen) 7) Polls Again, the more I can think of now, the better it will come out.
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posted by ariel on: Jul 8, 2005 10:08am

If you develop something like that, people (like me) might even PAY you for it... Not much of course :) But, really, if you make this, and let people use it on their own servers (awesome, instead of hosted), then you should also consider: Add native power-point rendering functionality. Most folks will be using power-point type presentations, so you could limit bandwidth and increase image quality by streaming just the instructions to a PPT api instead of the actual PPT images... Application sharing. You could let people control other people's computers (with permission of course). Encryption. Many (most?) business users won't use something like this without it. Of course, if you use SSL then you can get rid of firewall issues, right? But, if you're letting folks put this on their own servers, then this should be optional. API's. Many people will want to run it through other web-apps like dotproject, SugarCRM, and especially Learning Management Systems (like Moodle, Claroline, and commercial versions like Xtention [which gives you a free trial for testing]). Also, if you get into this, consider using SCORM. Check out adlnet.org. And then use the Reload SCORM player to test it. SPEED. The other java-based web-meeting clients I've seen are SLOW (compared to webex/livemeeting, gotomeeting, breeze). White-Board. There are already open-source whiteboards on sourceforge.net. You should look to see what other folks are already offering (though I haven't seen any that are open-source yet). Come to think of it, could you pursue grant money for this project if you say that it will be offered free-of-charge to educational institutions for distance-learning and collaboration? Also, ask me if you need any more ideas. I've been wanting an open-source webmeeting client for a long time. Ariel arieldoucette at netscape dot net

posted by William Frantz on: Jul 22, 2005 05:15pm

I'd certainly like to see an OSS Web Meeting server. Your blog is listed in the top 10 results for "open source web meeting" on Google. I currently use a hosted web conferencing system. It's nice but I'm concerned about privacy. I'd rather have something I can run on my own servers, even if it wasn't encrypted. I don't think I'd use any audio capabilities. I typically use a plain old telephone line for the audio. It always sounds better than VOIP. Really I just want to be able to share PowerPoint slides, Word documents, and have a white board. I don't even care much about IM.

posted by bibi.siddiqua on: Aug 18, 2005 04:54am

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posted by Marc on: Aug 31, 2005 04:40pm

I think a differentiator would be video capabilities. The ability to not only share applications, but also display video is something we are currently looking for in a Web Meeting Software package.

posted by Ryan D. Hatch on: Nov 28, 2005 02:32am

Our Team is looking for exactly what you are describing. Would need to have the following capabilities: * Video & Audio Conferencing * Application Sharing * Interactive Whiteboard * Text Chat * Picture Sharing * SAVING THE CONFERENCE FOR HISTORICAL / REVIEW PURPOSES! We would certainly be willing to purchase a product like this (one-time fee). If you ever get this going, or find a good alternative - please do let us know. Ryan

posted by FrancescoD on: Dec 28, 2005 05:56am

What about WebHuddle Web Conferencing Software on sourceforge?

posted by sailaja on: Feb 13, 2006 04:18am

I am an opensource enthuasist and I would like a Web meeting software on Linux. Is there any Software till date? Regards, Sailaja

posted by Roger on: Apr 2, 2006 08:37am

Hi all, Has the program which was described above been developed or not? Since i am interested in acquiring it to implement it in an open source project i am currently working on. I have been looking for different software packages, however I haven't found an application sharing software which allows specific applications only to be shared between members, the only thing which i came close to was using VNC. However this program seems ideal. Any help would be greatly appreciated, best regards, roger

posted by sundar on: Nov 13, 2006 01:28pm

Have you checked out Dimdim? (disclaimer: I am part of Dimdim). Dimdim (dimdim.com) is an Open Source web meeting software which lets you share Presentations, Applications and the whole Desktop along with your audio and webcam video. The free, AD-supported hosted Beta (Jan 2007) will also include two-way audio and video while recording and archiving of sessions and a collaborative whiteboard will be added soon. Attendees don't have to install anything as everything works out of the browser.

posted by Richard Aumaitre on: Aug 20, 2007 11:10pm

Hello men, i like your idea, i was looking for a software that meets those requirements, i suggest you to put in your program something like webex remote support, something like send files to the client or take control of the client's machine, i don't know if it is hard to you but well is a suggestion, i will be interested in your program, please if you use MSN add me at richard.aumaitre@soyteck.com ... i know my english is poor but i will try to communicate my ideas

posted by David Ball on: Mar 5, 2009 11:17pm

I tried DimDim. Installed it on three different severs in an effort to get it to work. Major problems. I posted requests for help to their tech' support and never received a reply so I abandoned it. I am looking for an alternative.


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