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Can Android Support Hebrew Characters?

JANUARY 7, 2010

Many users and developers of Hebrew smartphone applications are wondering when the Android phones will support Hebrew fonts and locales. If you try to view webpages in Hebrew or run an app with Hebrew characters, you will only see little boxes in place...

Google Releases Closure, Tools that Made Gmail, Docs, Maps

NOVEMBER 5, 2009

Google has just released what appears to be their entire library of JavaScript packages that they've used across all of their web applications (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs) to keep a common look and feel and provide a consistant cross-browser experience...

Open Source Web Meeting Software

MAY 31, 2005

I'm going to develop an open source web meeting suite. The client will be written in Java and will support both the visual and audio aspects of meetings. This will be similar to how WebEx works...

Java is Good Too

FEBRUARY 25, 2005

I've used Java for almost as long as I've been doing PHP development. Recently, I've been writing a really advanced Java Application that uses all the latest technologies: Swing, Web Services (via GLUE), Java Web Start (JWS) and much much more. It is fun slow work that is very cool...

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