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Published April 4, 2014

She said knock down the wall. I said knock down the wall!? Well it turns out that when we knocked down the wall in our new office, we created the “Coder Alcove.” This is a magical place where our programmers (and other technical folk) can go burn off some steam, get a minute to clear their head, or just have a fun time.

When the wall first came down, there was merely a lonely fish tank and a really nifty Nintendo toy box. The dream of a coder refuge was still needing a lot of work. I spent months searching for a pool table that had an old charm yet was completely usable. Lo and behold, my next door neighbor was looking to get rid of just that. Billiards is a bit analog for a tech company. Read on...

NSCAA gave us a nice gift card (and lots of sports schwag) for completing their amazing web system. We thought of a nice sushi lunch of the office, but Alex felt differently. He was thinking big, RustyArcade BIG! Together with Jimmy, Alex purchased, the cabinet, game controllers, screen and the rest of the hardware to make it a reality. It’s all built on years of emultators (MAME, NES, SNES, etc) all pulled together using Maximus Arcade. Now all we needed was one more game…

The RB Cork LED Dartboard was the final piece to the puzzle. I enlisted my wife - the “She” above that insisted on knocking down the wall in the first place - to come up with a design that would not destroy the wall behind and be super sheeq. Cork is an obvious choice for a dartboard backer, but buying actual wine corks and gluing them on a board is something only the creative people using pinterest can come up with. I insisted on using this in the pitch black. Luckily, my dad had a LED lighting strip that was tied to a solar panel. Turn the lights off in the office and board lights up like a runway at night!

The fish tank has since been deprecated and now that the last fish has passed, I think we might turn it into some sort of reptile tank. I would like to thank everyone involved in these projects. We are finally able to get some relaxation in the RustyBrick Coder Alcove.


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Ronnie Schwartz is the CTO and founder of RustyBrick, an agile web & mobile development firm that creates effective applications and focuses on finding the right balance between time to production and software quality to get clients in front of their customers quickly and effectively. Ronnie brings over twenty years of innovative design, programming and management expertise to the table.

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