Getting Google Glass

Google GlassGoogle announced the winners of those who are accepted into the Glass Explorer program and we are lucky to have been invited into the program.

I received notification at 2:24am EDT this morning on the application I submitted via Google+ named Jew Glass. Google said, "Hi Barry, thanks for applying! We'd like to invite you to join our #glassexplorers program. We'll be sending you a private message with more details in the coming weeks -- keep an eye on our stream at Project Glass."

Here is a screen capture of it:

Getting Google Glass

What was our proposal? Like I said, Jew Glass. Since we are the premier Jewish app developer for iPhone Jewish apps and Android Jewish apps (we also build non-Jewish apps), I'd figure we can come up with some interesting and useful ways to integrate Glass into the typical daily Jewish life. What were some of our ideas?

Of course things like prayer times, directions to synagogues, taking pictures on some festive Jewish holiday and calling your child on his/her Jewish birthday. But there are many ideas we have and we are incredibly excited to be part of the explorers project with Google Glass.

Here is our picture proposal on some of those concepts:

Jew Google Glass Concept

We will keep you posted on our progress, if allowed by NDA, but do expect some revolutionary ideas on how we can integrate technology into everyday Jewish life.

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