Apple iPhone Bug Prevents New iPhone 4 From Using Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail on the iPhone 4

We are all loving our iPhone 4's so far, but we are experiencing minor issues here and there. For example, Matt and I were having a strange issue on our new phones. Whenever we went into Phone and clicked on the Voicemail button, instead of going to the Apple Visual Voicemail, it instead placed a call to Voicemail. So basically, it wasn't working right at all.

After playing around with it, we managed to figure it out without going through the hell that is ATT customer service. The trick is, on most new iPhones, you have to receive a voicemail (or two) before the iPhone will launch the prompt that asks you for your ATT voicemail PIN number. (Seen below)

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Call yourself from your phone. After 1 ring, you'll hear your voicemail greeting. Leave yourself a message.
  2. Check your voicemail by clicking the voicemail button. See if it gives you a password prompt seen above.
  3. If you do NOT get the prompt, leave yourself another voicemail. It took Matt and I two tries to get the prompt. (NOTE: The voicemail password is the pin you have with ATT, NOT your Apple ID password.

Once you enter the ATT PIN, go back to the voicemail tab and your visual voicemail will come back to life!


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