iPhone 4.0 Event Recap

iPhone 4.0I watched the live coverage on two blogs, including GDGT and CNET and here are the quick bullet takeaways from what I felt is most important on the iPhone 4.0 announcement:

- iPhone 4.0 coming Summer (dev seed today)
- 1,500 new APIs
- Multitasking (limited but available via API)
-- Background Audio
-- Voice over IP
-- Background locations
-- Push Notifications
-- Local Notifications
-- Task Completion
-- Fast App Switching
- Organize Apps by Folders
- Over 2,000 apps on an iPhone allowed
- Mail, Unified Mailbox (people wanted this big time)
- Mail organized by threads
- iBooks added to iPhone
- APIs to encrypt all data iside their apps
- Enterprise stuff like
-- Better data protection
-- Mobile device management
-- Wireless app deployment
-- Better exchange support
- New Ad platform named iAd
-- Revenue split of 60% to developer
- iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch 3rd & 2nd Gen will support 4.0, not older versions
- Multitasking support only on 3GS iPod Touch 3rd Gen.
- iPad 4.0 coming in Fall but iPhone 4.0 in Summer
- Developer seed available now at iPhone Dev Center
- Apple posted a preview page with more details

Nice Screen Shots:


iPhone 4.0 SDK

4.0 Features (Some):

iPhone 4.0 Features


iPhone 4.0 Folders

iAd Mobile Ad Platform (compete with Google, AdMob & Others):

iAd iPhone 4.0

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