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iPhone Apps Work On iPhones!!!

Published April 30, 2010

iPhone vs. Blackberry iPhone ThemeOne of the most annoying questions we get here about our iPhone Apps are do they work on other devices, such as the Blackberry, Android or Palm Pre. We ever have people asking us if they work on iPod Classics. This question comes to us typically about twice per week, and sometimes more.

The question is not phrased, "do you have a non-iPhone (i.e. Blackberry, Android, etc) version of your iPhone App." Instead it is phrased, "can I download the iPhone App and then install it on my non-iPhone." After about the fifth time hearing this question, I began to lose it. Now when I get this question via email or phone, I reply as follows:


iPhone Apps only work on iPhones


I don't say it in a disrespectful way, but I say it without saying - no I am sorry, the Blackberry doesn't support iPhone Apps. I say reply by making sure to say, "iPhone Apps" work on "iPhones."

The picture above is my brother-in-law's old Blackberry sporting an iPhone home screen theme. That was from back in October 2007, when I had the first generation iPhone, well before there were 3rd-party apps for the iPhone.

Update: I realized after someone left a comment on this post on our Facebook page that this may come off the wrong way. I wanted to share this person's comment and my response directly in this post:


Steven Geller said: Dude, you have a lot to learn about how to speak to your customers. I own most of your stuff, AND I use a blackberry and it would be amazing if it would work on the BB too. When people ask you, take it as the compliment it is, your apps are great, it would be good to have it work on the BB. You have to chill...seriously...



I replied: Steven, I treat my customers extremely well. Just look at the reviews for our Siddur in the iTunes App Store. They love us. But BB users are not our customers. I am just tired of answering the same Q over and over again.


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