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JewGlass An International Hit?

Published August 12, 2013

JewGlassAs you may have seen, we officially announced the launch of JewGlass, our first Google Glass app for Jews, this past week. The response has been a huge success.

While there are very few Google Glass owners in the world and even fewer orthodox Jewish Google Glass owners, the concept behind JewGlass was so big that the press and world ate it up.

The JTA, Jewish Telegraph Agency was the first to cover it on July 30th, and several news outlets syndicated that story. Then vosizneias.com picked it up shortly later and did the first comprehensive story on the app. Then the Jerusalem Post covered it on August 7th, when it officially went live, and it took off from there. The Drudge Report noticed it and linked to the story and then dozens, if not hundreds of other outlets picked it up.

Here is a radio interview I did with a popular Jewish network named Nachum Segal Network with Randi Wartelsky, they recorded it on video, so it looks a bit weird but here is the video:

Video streaming by Ustream

The 404 covered it on their Podcast, skip to 18 minutes and 20 seconds in, it is incredibly funny:


Here are the other news stories, I tried to weed out the scrapers or copy-cat sources:

  1. New app makes Google Glass a religious experience, JPost
  2. #JewGlass: A Boon for Jewish Travelers (that own Google Glass), YeahThatsKosher.com
  3. Google : JewGlass ou la navigation casher, Tribune JuiveTribune Juive
  4. Google Glass : JewGlass ou la navigation casher, Le Point
  5. Google Glass app JewGlass helps you be at shul on time, The Jewish Chronicle
  6. Google Glass To Open Up New Vistas For Orthodox Community With Jewish Apps, VosIzNeias.com
  7. HOTN: Have Google Glass? What about JewGlass?, Bill Handel
  8. How Google Glass Can Help Religion - JewGlass, Search Engine Roundtable
  9. JewGlass app makes Google Glass ‘religious’, WND
  10. JewGlass app released on Google Glass, Computer Business Review
  11. JewGlass, Aplikasi Khusus untuk Penganut Yahudi, Tempo.co
  12. JewGlass: A (first) Jewish app for Google Glass:, A Minyan of hits
  13. JewGlass: A New App for Google Glass, Shalom Life USA
  14. JewGlass: Google Glass app gives directions to Kosher restaurants and sets prayer-time reminders, Global News Today
  15. JewGlass: Google Glass app translates Hebrew and locates nearby synagogues and kosher restaurants, Mail Online
  16. JewGlass: The First Google Application for Religious Jews, International Business Times
  17. JewGlass: the future of Judaism?, planetivy.com
  18. N.Y. firm develops Jewish app for GoogleGlass, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  19. Shalom! Google Glass App Will Make You a Better Jew, Betabeat
  20. Something to Talk About with Randi Wartelsky, NSN
  21. There's a Jewish App for Google Glass: JewGlass, Tablet Magazine
  22. How Google Glass Can Impact The Religious Experience, PSFK
  23. The 404 1,319: Where we look through the other side of the glass (podcast), The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs
  24. צפו: הגוגל גלאס שלא רואה גויים, nrg.co.il
  25. JewGlass with Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick – inThirty 106, inThirty
  26. JewGlass: New app for Google Glass, YNet

I am sure I am missing some. But people have told me, you must have a great PR company behind you. Nope, no PR, no press releases sent out, no agency, just a neat and new concept for Google Glass.

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Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. Barry is also the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and the News Editor of Search Engine Land. He is well known & respected for his expertise in the search marketing industry. Barry graduated from the City University of New York and lives with his family in the NYC region.

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