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Published February 21, 2011

Kitchen Macgyver, sliced pan.

There aren't a lot of things I like about Boston. Their public transportation stinks, the city goes to bed around 2 AM and their sports fans consist solely of whiny crybabies or frat bros lookin' for a fight. However, one of the gems in an otherwise desolate wasteland is Sunset Grill and Tap on Brighton Ave. If you're in town and get the chance to check it out, you'll find beer heaven. They have 112 taps, countless beers by the bottle and a menu stocked with all the greasy, delicious food you'd expect to find at such an establishment. One of my favorites is the Mediterranean Nachos. Homemade, deep fried chips stacked high with feta cheese, olives, artichoke hearts and other goodies can put a smile on any face.

So after returning home to New York, I was left with a real conundrum. I had a huge stack of leftover nachos and couldn't decide how to heat them back up. Sure, you could always stick them in the microwave, but soggy chips? Gross. There's a company toaster oven in the breakroom as well, but no foil and I can't just stick cheesy leftovers right on the tray. Thinking like MacGyver, armed with only a pair of scissors and a old metal serving pan, I quickly fashioned a bowl out of twisted, jagged steel. Then I threw that into the oven, and 10 minutes later I was able to feast on crunchy goodness.

Sure, there's a very good chance I'll slice my wrists eating the nachos, but I'd rather lose a few cups of blood than risk soggy chips in my Mediterranean Nachos. Now the only question is: what kills me first? The blood loss or the cholesterol?

Sunset Grill Mediterranean Nachos

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