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Published June 18, 2010

Launch Day Donuts

Today we launched a new site, TigerChef.com, a restaurant equipment supplier. Normally launch days can be very stressful. Making sure you tied up all the lose ends, uploading the site, migrating everything from their old hosting to our servers, etc. Today however we were helped out by our clients. In the middle of launching the site we received a delivery of donuts and coffee! What better way to stay awake during launch and to celebrate the launching of the site at the same time. 

Many clients have sent us gift baskets or other assorted treats after successful launches, but TigerChef is the first to deliver during a launch. Who knows maybe this will start a trend :)

P.S. To any of my future clients - maybe donuts and Red Bull? :)


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Jimmy graduated from YCP & spent several years developing business applications. Since joining RustyBrick in 2007, he has managed & developed several E-Commerce sites, business applications, iPhone, & Palm Pre applications.

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