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Where My Calendar's Go?

Published July 23, 2010

Mobile Me BetaI am the type of guy that wants to try the latest and greatest of everything. I do sometimes run beta software for that reason. Of course, there are certain applications I would never run in beta, and one of those - should have been my calendar software.

I use iCal, I subscribe to MobileMe to have my calendar synced over the air, in real time, via my desktop, iPhone and in the cloud on me.com. So when I upgraded to the beta, I was hoping to take advantage of some of the newer features, as I said it was a mistake. I should note, other's are also finding out it was a mistake but at least I was able to recover.

I received the email from Apple that I can now upgrade, so I did:

Mobile Me Beta

So I decided to upgrade and the upgrade said it went successfully but I had to finish a few steps:

Mobile Me Beta

I went through each step, starting with the iPhone steps. For some reason, my calendar items were not showing up on my iPhone. I tried everything. Resyncing, rebooting, deleting my MobileMe account from my iPhone and adding it back. Nothing. So I went on with the steps to get it working on my computer. My iCal on my computer worked just fine. But my iPhone wouldn't show my calendars.

I then tried Apple MobileME support, but that didn't go well. The live chat person said, "Okay, since the beat is not fully released we are unable to assist with any issues that may occur. We recommend leaving your feedback. If the beta is not working out for you, you can leave the beta." So that is what I did.

I left the beta. But leaving the beta was scary. On the first try, it said, "I am sorry but you cannot downgrade at this time." I tried again and it downgraded me. Then my desktop calendar went missing, my iPhone calendar was also gone. The only calendar that worked was the one up on me.com. I was able to overwrite my desktop calendar with me.com through MobileMe Sync and then it eventually showed up on my desktop. It also eventually showed up back on my iPhone after deleting and adding back my MobileMe account.

Mobile Me Beta

Lesson learned: Calendars, for me at least, is way too important for me to run a beta. Losing my calendar, even on just my iPhone (and my desktop for 5 minutes) was devastating. Yes, I am obsessive about backing up my computers but still, I can't back up someone else's cloud, can I?

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