New iPhone 4 - No Facetime Buttons/Options


Well, the new iPhone has offically launched with today's store release. Naturally, RustyBrick was on hand to get our brand new iPhones. However, at least 2 of us here at the office have had a serious issue when upgrading our old 3G phones to the new iPhone 4.


When you go into a contact, there should be buttons below the phone number like this.

However, when I plugged in my iPhone 4 and restored from the backup of my iPhone 3G, I did NOT get these buttons below my contact. See below!


I have just "fixed" the problem, and I did it without restoring the whole phone! Try these steps in order and hopefully it will work for you!


  1. Try going into SETTINGS -> PHONE -> FACETIME. Switch it to ON. If it's already ON, switch it OFF and then back to ON. Go back and see if it works.
  2. Still nothing? Go into SETTINGS->GENERAL->RESET->Reset All Settings. This will wipe your passwords and such. After it's done, go back and see if it works.
  3. Still no buttons? Go into iTunes and click Restore. Go through all the steps until it begins Downloading the iPhone software. Click the X to cancel the download. Don't worry, it's doesn't delete anything from your phone until it's all done with the iOS download which takes like 20 minutes. Then, go back to your phone and sync it. Then turn on the setting for Facetime back in Step 1.

At this point, my buttons were there and and I was able to both send and receive Facetime calls. Again, this only appears to be an issue for certain 3G/3GS with iOS 4.0 who set up their iPhone not as a new phone, but rahter restored from that 3G/3GS backup. Hopefully this helps. Please report in the comments below and we can help each other through these launch bugs!!

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