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Can We Please Start Using Google Wave?

Published March 2, 2010

Ever since I read about and then tried Google Wave, regular e-mail just seems so cluttered and primitive. Recently, I was added in to a large e-mail thread about organizing a ski trip. What I got was a big mess of quoted e-mails, and over thirty vertical lines on the left side, representing a quote of a quote of a quote of a quote.... etc.



Here is a screen shot of the middle of the big e-mail. This was apparently a "new" e-mail thread, so there were even more previous messages relating to the topic!

Click for full size

 This is a perfect use case for Google Wave. If this discussion was a wave instead of an e-mail, one of the participants could have just added me to the wave using a simple drag and drop, and I would have been able to simply playback the wave to see the progression of the discussion. 

Instead of copying and updating the list of carpools and passengers in every new e-mail, there would just be one central list that would be updated whenever it needed to be, by anyone. Comments could simply be added to the bottom of the wave as needed, or tacked on to any other specific question/comment in the wave.

The only downside to Wave is that to use it, you have to use "Google Wave". While Wave is an open protocol that anyone can implement, there is no "Yahoo Wave" or "Microsoft Wave" (yet). Anyone can implement their own Wave style application, or embed a Wave on their website, but whether it could interact with Google's own Wave application is anyone's guess.

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Michael Butler

Michael Butler

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