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Phone Company Woes - Broadview Networks and Verizon

Published April 2, 2004
Based on a client recommendation, I selected to go with Broadview Networks as my company's phone service provider. They are simply a Verizon reseller, verizon.jpgso I guess most of the fault is on the shoulders of Verizon. People who called my main office line, sometimes, were sent into this voicemail system that was not set up. So it asked the caller to enter in a pin #. This was happening for over a year. I called Broadview numerous times to complain and get it fixed, but it was never fixed. It seems like the problem, 1.5 years later, has finally been resolved. The issue was that someone at the phone company set up a call forwarding on my first two lines and the forwarding triggered the calls to go into this voicemail system, that I never thought I had. Its hard to estimate broadview.jpg but I would venture a guess that 25% of all phone calls to those numbers were sent into this voicemail system. Finally someone called me today to tell me they found the problem and that is has been fixed. It is about time! So I called Broadview to tell them and they tell me that they can issue a $50 credit. What would be your response?
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posted by Glenn Goldstein on: Jan 4, 2005 05:59pm

I'm thinking of transferring my current local, regional and long distance provider to Broadview. Do you still use them? What do you think? Thanks.

posted by secet on: Sep 4, 2008 12:49pm

I have had a similar problem with broadview and obviously not happy with it at all and they issued me a $10 credit....woopty doo!!! My company has had alot o lost calls due to the lines not working properly thereore I was orced to use my ax line which cost me more or each call I mad out of state. I called technical support and I recieved no support at all, inally a verizon tech comes on site and tells me its trouble with the lines but because I have broadview they can't do anything and broadview doesn't send out their own techs so now what do I do. Either way they still work through verizon, so I'm guessing I should just switch back!!! What do you think????


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