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Offsite Meetings Vs. Onsite Meetings

MAY 7, 2004

I have many meetings each week, not those weekly meetings but the ones that actually have true meanings. Some of the meetings we have are with existing clients where we review the sites progress and discuss amendments and enhancements...

Comparing values with == and ===

APRIL 28, 2004

Do you know the difference between the following operator use? if ($a==$b){} and if ($a===$b){} The first one compares only value, the second one compares value and type.

Updating parent window from child window

APRIL 28, 2004

I had an issue a few weeks ago when I needed a popup window for some added functionality. THis was not an issue as you could use the javascript window.open() to acheive this. The issue though was I needed to update the parent window with the new info added or updated in the current popup window...

What is the Probability that a Comp Sci Student is a Mathematician

APRIL 26, 2004

This semester I am taking a class in probability. It is one of the harder maths that I've taken. The math is one of electives I need to take that have a Calc I pre-req. It seems to me that this is more of a class for math students then for Computer Science students...

RustyBrick Team 5 - 2 Beating JBA Gold

APRIL 15, 2004

RustyBrick is on a 3 game winning streak after losing 2 in a row. Last night we beat JBA Gold 79 to 68, coming from behind to win the game. It was a very exciting game, being down by 15+ points and coming through at the end to pull off the win...

Phone Company Woes - Broadview Networks and Verizon

APRIL 2, 2004

Based on a client recommendation, I selected to go with Broadview Networks as my company's phone service provider. They are simply a Verizon reseller, so I guess most of the fault is on the shoulders of Verizon...

RustyBrick Basketball Team 4 and 2

APRIL 1, 2004

Big win last night after winning the first two games and then losing the next two. We were able to pull off two wins, bringing our record to 4 wins and 2 losses. Very nice distribution of points last night, that means the ball moved around well. Points were spread out amongst the top three as 24, 18 and 18 points...

VBScript (ASP) and Why it is not the Way

MARCH 31, 2004

The past few days have been pretty annoying. I've been working in ASP using VBScript, fixing up a site for a customer. I noticed a few things that made me think, "do people who write vb really think their language is really powerful?" Some of the issues I've run into: 1) Code is messy...

Windows 2000, Utility manager and Logitech mouse drivers

MARCH 25, 2004

I seem to have a continuous line of stories dealing with friend's windows machines. This is one of the "weirder" ones. One of my friends has a Windows 2000 box. She needed more memory, so we purchased it and installed it without a hitch. The problems arose when we restarted the machine...

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