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Calvin and Hobbes MacBook Decals at RustyBrick!

Published May 18, 2011
Calvin and Hobbes Macbook Decal

Many RB blog readers are going to find the following statement blasphemous, but after a few years of owning my unibody Macbook, I've grown bored of its appearance. Yeah, I know it has nice minimalistic styling but after a while of staring at a plain silver laptop, I figured it was time for a change.

I shopped around for awhile looking for premade vinyl graphics made specifically for Macbooks, however I couldn't find anything that really "popped". So, I thought about my interests and hobbies and got to work setting up a custom laptop decal. After a lot of Google Image Searching, I decided to go with a high resolution scan of a Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes is simply one of those timeless comic strips that managed to sum up the joys of childhood and seems to make everyone, especially myself, extremely nostalgic when reading. My decision about which scene to print was difficult because there are so many excellent scenes to choose from. I finally decided on the scene shown because it has a lot of vibrant colors to make the laptop exciting and colorful and it doesn't obscure the ubitiquous glowing apple seen on the back of the Macbook.

In order to get the custom decal printed, I talked to House of Grafix who RustyBrick has used in the past for printing our RB decals. The guys down at House of Grafix have amazing customer service and can print just about any vinyl stickers and graphics you could think of. I've seen them wrap Xbox's, track cars even wrap an entire car in vinyl. So after submitting my image and setting up the cut lines, my decal was printed and shipped right out along with some freebies too. :-)

I decided to not go "clear" for the background. Instead, I had them print it so there's no background. They have a special cut process so that only the actual graphic is applied the back and the see-through parts are actually cut of the decal. This makes for a really eye-popping design for the Macbook. So, special thanks to House of Grafix for coming through with this custom job and hope you all enjoy!


Custom Vinyl Graphics


 Calvin and Hobbes Custom Decal

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