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How To Delete Hidden Email In Gmail

Published May 27, 2010

All Mail GmailSix weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on my personal blog named Beware of Gmail's All Mail : Eats Up Space. In short, I used up all my Google Apps capacity and had to delete mail to make sure I did not go above my quota. In light of a customer having the same issue yesterday, I figured I re-post that blog post here, just in case you have not seen it or I need to reference it over here.

Over the past few weeks, my Gmail storage has been dwindling down. It didn't really make sense to me, since I only stored my inbox on the Gmail server, plus 30 days of my sent and deleted mail. I thought I did my best to download my email off Gmail and onto my local hard drive . Yea, I know- not completely in the cloud, but honestly, I don't think I want all my email threads in Google's hands at all times.

In any event, the other day I reached 97% of my storage with Google. I was about to buy more space but since it is Google Apps, the only way to do so is to upgrade all the accounts, not just one - and there was no need for that. So I dug around and found tons of email in my "All Mail" folder in Google. Emails dating back to when I first moved my email to Google Apps.

I clicked on all mail within the web based email view of Google Apps and saw these messages. So what I did was manually archive my inbox, sent items, draft items and so on and then did a select all and delete all. Then I emptied my trash can on the web interface and freed up 7+GB of space.

I then put the saved messages back to where they belong and started almost fresh with Google Apps mail. I am now down to only 150MB used or so, it's a nice feeling.

Here is more information about the all mail feature in Gmail and note, deleting imap email does not always delete them from Google's servers - it usually archives them, which can make you run into space issues.

I should note, six-weeks later, I am now using 14% of the 7GB. So this is something one should check in their Gmail or Google Apps account on a routine basis.

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