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We're Bullish On Google Home & Assistant Devices

Published November 28, 2017

Google Home

It is no secret that the future of computing interfaces and search interfaces is over voice search.  A few years ago no one talked to their phone, now it is hard to find someone who doesn't.  Instead of typing out your text messages or going over to the light switch to turn off your lights, you tell your phone or personal computer assistant to do it for you. 

The thing is, so many people have these Amazon Echo/Alexa devices in their homes.  Although Google was late to the game, I strongly believe Google will overtake this market in the near future.  Google Home devices, powered by the Google Assistant is way smarter than Amazon can make their Alexa devices.  With Google Express integrating with so many stores, they can easily get paper towels or batteries delivered to your home by just asking it - just as easily as Amazon can.

If I would put my money towards any home assistant, I would go with Google over Amazon or even Apple.  You all know I am personally a huge Apple fan boy but when it comes to knowledge and search, there is no one that can come close to Google because of their massive search database and experience.

Sure both Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa can adjust your thermostats, turn on or off your lights, play your favorite songs but none of them can answer complex questions.  You literally can ask Google Home anything and Google Assistant will find a pretty solid answer for you.  

So if you are just getting into these devices, go with Google Home.  I literally sprinkled my home with several Google Home devices, mostly the Google Home Mini devices which were on huge sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday days, but I also have the original Google Home.

Now I am working on making everything in my home WiFi enabled, starting with all the thermostats, light switches and more.   So stay tuned on my IoT, Internet Of Things, story to come after I make a lot of mistakes in my own home with them.  But I do think we are there, we are at the point where you can make a smart home and it will work with Google or Apple phones, Alexa or Google Homes and the upcoming Apple Homepod. 

Oh, you better believe we are thinking up ways to bring our mobile apps to these devices - so stay tuned.

Exciting times!

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Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. Barry is also the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and the News Editor of Search Engine Land. He is well known & respected for his expertise in the search marketing industry. Barry graduated from the City University of New York and lives with his family in the NYC region.

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