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סדור עכשיו בעברית iPhone

Published October 15, 2009

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)As some of you know, we localized Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew about a month ago. It worked out well, so with the anticipation of the iPhone being officially supported in Israel, sometime in the near future, we decided to make our iPhone Siddur natively support Hebrew.

The process is now done and version 4.1.1 and beyond should be 99% native in Hebrew. There are some parts we cannot make Hebrew due to the source of the data only having English, such as the Minyanim data from GoDaven.com, but most of the Siddur is indeed Hebrew.

Keep in mind, the text of the prayers were always Hebrew. In fact, many want us to add translation into English, which might be a possibility. But the buttons, navigation, text around the prayer texts, was all in English.

Who will see the native Hebrew iPhone Siddur? Well, anyone who turned their iPhone to the language "עברית" in Settings -> International -> Language. Here is a screen shot of the settings page where you make that change:

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

Once you make that change, the iPhone goes black and tells you to wait. Then the phone comes back on and many of the apps on your home screen show with a Hebrew name under the icon (at least the native iPhone apps do). Here is our iPhone App icon in Hebrew, which says סידור‎ which is Siddur.

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

Then most of the screens change to Hebrew only, (not all, but most). Here are pictures:

Screen shot of menu, the English is there cause there is an override to hide this later (so it can just hide the English if I want). But notice the icons at the bottom and the navigation menu on the left:

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)


iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)
iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

Minyanim (source data is English):

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)
iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)


iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

More Menu Items:

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)


iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

Adding Mishaberachs:

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

And of course, the Help content:

iPhone Siddur (סידור‎) in Hebrew (עברית)

If you find any issues, do let us know.

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