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iPhone Siddur Updates Email & Syncing

Published March 11, 2010

iPhone Siddur AppVersion 4.3 of the iPhone Siddur was recently approved. I wanted to share with you the key new features in this version. Before doing so, here is the summary:

  • Improved Luach Events & iPhone Calendar Integration
  • Export Luach Events to Email
  • Added Pronunciations to Luach Events
  • Export Zmanim to Email
  • Updated Minyanim Database
  • Updated Help Documents
  • Minor But Many Text Changes

Let's start with exporting the Zmanim data to email. To do so, go to Zmanim, scroll down the Zmanim to the end and click on the little icon on the bottom right. Then select "Export to Email" and the contents of that page will be put into an email. You can select any stored location for any day and it will export the data to email.

Here are screen shots of that:

Email Zmanim - iPhone Siddur 4.3

Email Zmanim - iPhone Siddur 4.3

Email Zmanim - iPhone Siddur 4.3

You are probably thinking, why the extra click to "export to email." Well, we have plans for more options there.

Next, we improved the issues with the Luach Events iPhone Calendar integration, plus we added an export to email feature. To activate the features, at the bottom right of the Luach Events section, there is that arrow again, click it and you can Export to Email or Sync with Server. Syncing with Server will push the changes to the server and update the iPhone Calendar iCal subscription - if you have that set up. It will also help us restore lost data, if you lose your iPhone or something else. Export to email, just does that. Here is a picture:

Email & Sync Luach Events - iPhone Siddur 4.3

Finally, we somewhat cleaned up and clarified the iPhone Calendar subscription feature that pushes this data to your iPhone Calendar. We added the RustyBrick design and made it a two step process to clarify things:

Revised iCal Integration -  iPhone Siddur 4.3

Revised iCal Integration -  iPhone Siddur 4.3

Unfortunately, we still have to keep the iCal feature outside the app. Apple will not let us code it directly into the app. We hope they change their minds, but until then, this works.

What's next? Lots of stuff, so stay tuned...

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