My Talk At La Red Innova

redinnovaLast Wednesday, while I was in Spain I was honored to have the priviliage to give a talk at the Red Innova conference on the latest trends in search.

Today, I spotted a tweet from @ivarrekve with a full version video of my talk at the event. The talk is about 20 minutes, add in an introduction and a Q&A portion and the video lasts just about 30 minutes.

Like I said, it was a great experience and I met a lot of great people. Luis Ferrandiz of ADN Marketing aka @LFMAG, was absolutely awesome. He was instrumental in me coming to Spain, organizing everything and making sure I was happy and taken care of. As you will see in the video below, Nacho de Pinedo of ISDI introduced me. Here is the video from agoranews:

As you can see, I had some clicker difficultly but like I said, it was awesome to give this presentation in front of such a smart crowd.

Here are some pictures from and others from @YorokobuMag, @luciariasglez, @trykita and @elobato:

Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick)

Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick)

Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick)

Barry Schwartz Red Innova

Barry Schwartz Red Innova

There are some additional videos, one of just the Q&A portion and the other of an interview after the fact:

I think a bug flew into my mouth in that video while I was talking. :)

More stories coming out of Spain related to the talk:

The night before this talk, I gave a 3 hour workshop of SEO topics, mostly related to the Panda update at ISDI. Here is a picture from @esther_checa from after the workshop at the local bar:

@rustybrick at Madrid after the SEO Workhop at ISDI with the SEO Team (T2O media)

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