RustyBrick Brews Girls and Girls Only

Girls Girls GirlsAs many of you know, I had my first child, about three months ago, it was a girl.

But did you know that RustyBrickers who have children only have girls? We have a total five RustyBrick kids, all of them are girls. Thing is, we have two more on the way and those two are also girls (at least that was what the sonogram said). So by the end of December, hopefully, we will have a total of seven RustyBrick kids, all girls.

That would make two dads with two girls and three dads with one girl each.

It is pretty statistically surprising that this is the case, but it is very funny as well.

Girls are great, I can attest to that (at least up to three months of age).

The big question is, who will break the trend?

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