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This morning, I received a really nasty email from some anonymous person. The email read:


first_name.. alexiha
last_name... alexiha
title....... spammer
company..... yours
email....... spamselves@rustybrick.com
interest.... other
comments.... Spamming is an insult to you and us.

You will be reported at UF any time you spam us.
rack off.
how_hear.... You f*cking spammed my favorite forum you dimwits!


At first, I deleted the email thinking it was spam. But then I was checking my feeds and noticed a ton of mentions of my company name in Google. Check it out yourself today for a search limited to the past 24 hours for [RustyBrick]. There are several forum threads which had spam from my company!

I was shocked and upset. No one from my company would do that, so why would someone from another company do that with my company's name? Do we have enemies? Does someone hate us? Was it a bug?

Most of the spam has been pulled by the forums moderators, but much of it linked to pornography sites. Here is a picture of a couple examples:

Forum Spam

Forum Spam

Of course, the person who emailed me about this didn't leave a way to apologize for something we didn't do. But that is understandable.

I emailed someone I know at Google who told me that to him/her it looks like a misconfiguration of their forum spamming software, where they put my company name in the software as opposed to something else. Because how would they benefit from my information with links to porn web sites or pill web sites?

Just setting the record straight here.

Update: One forum sent me the spammer's IP address. Guess what, it back-traced to somewhere in India. Surprise, surprise.

India Spammer

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