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Building Stuff That Sells Itself

Published September 5, 2017

I was about eight years old when Honda came out with the commercials around the tagline "Honda. The Car That Sells Itself."  Yes, 8. It is still something I think about often to this day, just shy of 30 years later!   Here is the commercial, but there are a series of them:

The commercial made me feel, as a kid, that the car was built so well, was so amazing that no one had to sell it.   People just lined up to buy it.

That is what I expect the software and products we build and design here to do.  I expect us to be able to build both internal products (stuff we sell direct) and external (stuff we build for clients for them to sell or use) to be built in the same way.  Build stuff that is so useful, so easy to use, so easy to explain, unthinkable to not live without, that it literally sells itself.

Here is a history note for RustyBrick.  We didn't hire a sales person until about two years ago, about 20 years after we started this company.  

Why did we hire a sales person?  Simply because I personally could not handle the demand on the number of demonstration requests we got for our ShulCloud product.  Sometimes I would do five demonstrations in a day, that is on top of everything else I do at the company.  It was taking a toll on me and potentially taking a toll on the sales of the company.  

So we ended up hiring an outstanding individual to take on that role in the company, specific to selling or better yet demonstrating how ShulCloud works to prospects and it was one of the best moves we did.  The product was selling like crazy before the sales person and continues to sell like crazy and even better after the sales person has joined the company. Yes, our sales are up but more importantly, our customers are happier because of the devotion and time our sales person can give them during the acquisition and onboarding process.  And maybe even more importantly, I have more time on my hands to do other things.  

I am not taking away from what it takes to sell from sales people, but building a product that truly delivers on the promise does help a lot during the sales process.  

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Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. Barry is also the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and the News Editor of Search Engine Land. He is well known & respected for his expertise in the search marketing industry. Barry graduated from the City University of New York and lives with his family in the NYC region.

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